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willbutton.jpgA Minute Longer - A very interesting and timely journal. Will is a reservist that has been called to action. Will is a pretty good writer and this is the collection of his letters home. It'll be interesting to hear updates from a soldier's point of view, so I'll be posting them for all to read.

ripostebutton.jpgCaptain Rooba's Riposte - The flagship journal on Rooba.Net. The Captain specializes in strange and odd news, razor-sharp ripostes, and stories about his daily life. Captain Rooba hails from Portland, Oregon. The City of Roses.

sinisterbutton.jpgSinister Tales: Life As A Lefthander - Madame Sinister is a word producing fiend that will stop at nothing to make sure her viewpoint is known to all. She has outstanding vernacular abilities and can write with the best of them. Madame Sinister dwells in Pennsylvania.

fontrolbutton.jpgFontroll's Own Hole - Fontroll, a.k.a Virg, provides an interesting perspective into small town life. He's married and a father of three boys which provide countless fodder for writing. Fontroll lives in South Dakota.

remixbutton.jpgScooter's Remix - The Online Music Guessing Game. Captain Rooba samples five songs from his musical archives. All you have to do is guess them correctly. A great game to start your week on Monday.

trailbutton.jpgOregon Hiking Guide - Currently Under Construction.

This guide will outline distances, quality, descriptions, and directions to some of the great hiking trails in and around Portland, Oregon.

hockeybutton.jpgRecreational Hockey Guide- Currently Under Construction.

A resource guide to recreational hockey in and around Portland, Oregon. Resources to Rinks, Leagues, Players, etc.

And many more to come. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy your visit here at Rooba.Net.

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