Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.
March 16, 2003

A Little About Myself

Hello All,

It has been brought to my attention that my little rants are catching on with more than just the people that know me. So, I think that I'll take a break from my usual rants and give you a quick Bio.

Well, I'm 29 (turn 30 in April, yippee), single and Caucasian, actually I'm very Caucasian (see Translucent). I went to college at USD (that's South Dakota or fly-over to you cosmopolitan types) and that's where I met Captain Rooba. I've been in the Army Reserve for almost 13 years, and I do enjoy it. It's not a power trip, it's just a job that I do well.

My Official Army job is Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Specialist (impressive, isn't it). What that really means is that I go in after a Nuclear, Chemical or Biological attack, and wash cars and help people clean up their gear (in Omaha, my home, that's called Merry Maids). It's very detail oriented, and requires a lot of practice because if I, or any of my soldiers, make a mistake, it could cost lives.

In my civilian life I was a computer geek. I started about 7 years ago working for Gateway (insert boo or hiss here) and it was a good beginning for me. I studied, earned certifications, moved to Omaha, and had finally found a good job that I liked (and I'm not just sucking up to my boss, I'm sucking up to everyone at Home Instead). Then I was activated and sent to sunny (lie), pleasant (another lie) and mullet filled (true!) Wisconsin.

When I get home I'm planning on a nation wide tour, visiting friends, family and drinking heavily. I also plan to quit smoking after my little excursion to places unknown (still can't tell you).

Oh, and I'm going to end this message on a high note. I can't tell you where I'm going, but I can tell you when. March 20th. That's 5 days. Those of you that have been following my rants and raves know that's 3 more days than we had to move all our equipment onto railroad cars. Oh, and General Winter has fallen back and it's finally nice in Wisconsin. Typical.

I want you all to know that I appreciate your support, love and well wishes. I will come home soon, and without any new holes in my body. For all of you that are enjoying this web site I hope you have as much fun reading my little rants as I have in writing them. Maybe this can turn into a book someday.



PS I don't know how much email access I'll have, but I will find one way or another to get word back to all.

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Hey sarge, I was an 11B back in the mid eighties.
One of my main worries is the NBC gear our troops have over in the sandbox.
What I had at the time I wss less than impressed with, from the detectors to the suits and masks.
How does today's stuff stack up, and will it be possible to do anything more than sit still and try not to stroke out in desert environment?
I remember going MOPP 3 at Ft Hunter ligget in about 95 degree weather, and we could do little more that defend in place and wait for the all clear....

Posted by: Steve Ramsey on March 16, 2003 11:00 PM

AhhhHahahahahaha - I'm still laughing re Woogie Woogie Woogie! More! More!

Hey, Will - I'm one of those nosy parkers who is reading your posts without having had a clue who the heck you are until now - so thanks for the quickie bio.

I lived in SD as a kid (I'm 42) - Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City. All I can remember is that SD is very dry, all the time. Snowballs? Hah - the snow wouldn't hold together. Made pretty good tunnels, tho.

I hope you're able to post when you get to wherever it is you are going, and I hope wherever you're going is safe place to be. Urck. Yeah. You're a nuclear merry maid . . . safe probly ain't on the agenda. OK, then, be careful.

BTW, my family ROARED at the "I'm a humvee, I'm a humvee" story. You are a terrific writer.

Posted by: Jaymie Collette on March 17, 2003 03:00 AM

Hi Will,

You don't know me, I just finished reading your bio and wanted to wish you well and let you know that we, in Seattle are praying for and supporting each one of our brave soldiers who are over there fighting for us right now!!! I am ex Army myself, 84-92 and if I wasn't so damned old (37 is old in military terms!!!), I'd be there with you right now!!!

God bless you and all our men and women over there...please be safe, take care and kick some major ass!!!!


Posted by: Sharon on March 18, 2003 04:17 PM


I'm praying for you here in Illinois. I'm glad that your e-mails are being archived on this site. I think you may have the beginnings of a book.


Posted by: Jane on March 18, 2003 06:20 PM

With all that seems to be going on I find it hard to believe you can still maintaine a great sense of humor. Your bio is amazingly funny! Try to be safe out there, and remember that you along with the rest of the women and men are in my prayers. I'll look forward to your future postings.

Posted by: Maggie on March 18, 2003 06:46 PM

You don't know me. I guess I am what you would call a civilian. I was on the web trying to follow our war situation and I came across a list of postings from various military people. I know this is going to sound strange but I have to start somewhere. I want to help. I want those who are fighting for my freedom to know there are people who care. As I have read through some emails- it struck me, there are some that may not have family to write to or call back home to. Please do me a favor. Keep my email address handy. I would love to be able to be a type of pen pal I guess you would call it, to someone who needs a friendly word. I am 32, married, no kids, full time school and work, your average American right now trying to get through life. Like I said, I want to help someway. I didn't know where to start, so I thought posting something to you might get me started. I don't want anything out of this, just to know that I may have kept someone’s spirits up when they are away from home. Good luck, keep safe, and God bless you and the troops who are fighting for what our country stands for. Freedom.

Posted by: Sandra on March 19, 2003 08:14 AM

Hi Will
Thanks for your bio! I am an Army Brat - and to that end - thank you for my freedoms. Born on base in Germany - I did not see my dad much until he finished up with 3 tours in Vietnam. As often as I had told him, that I was proud of him (read: tried to sign up for Army, they wouldn't take me- so I tried Marines!) the biggest impact on him was the day in a diner - a retired military man ie: stranger, shook my dads hand and said "welcome home".
My point?
Thank you for serving. Thank you for my freedoms. Could you say that from me - to others? Thank you.

Posted by: Kim on March 19, 2003 09:01 AM

Hi Will,

Thank you for helping us laugh instead of cry. You are a talented writer, so keep it up. I was initally tempted to post a comment, but then felt shy, then read further to find out that you were from South Dakota, where I was born and raised in Miller. Reading your messages makes me feel hopeful about this situation. I will keep checking up on you.

I am one of your warm, lucky civilians living with my husband and two children in California. I thank you for serving.

Congratulations on your promotion. I wish you all the best with your car washes here and over there.

You should definitely give up nicotine.

Is mullet is a fish?

My nephew Kevin, you, and all the soldiers are in my prayers. God Bless you all.


Posted by: Carolyn on March 20, 2003 02:34 PM

hello i would like to say that all you men and women outhere fight ing got balls of steal i am 13 and i would like to say LET ME TAKE A SHOT AT THOSE BASTEREDS who try to ruin US and start a war i willl do everything in my power to kill Sudaom I DON"T care if i die i would like to kick his ass and tie him to a telephone pole buttass naked so people can drive by then pull over and throw rocks and his nuts

Posted by: justin on March 20, 2003 07:02 PM


I do not have any military background, as I am only a corporate technical trainer at a Fortune 500 company's, field office in Ohio. The only knowledge I have as to what you might going through is the stories I have been told by my dad, uncles' and cousin who served during the Vietnam War.

Each day, as I watch the television reports, when I have the opportunity, in between my daily routine, I realize that this war is different for me than the first Gulf War was twelve years ago. I say this because twelve years ago I was in high school and did not know anyone who was directly involved in the war. This time around I have six to eight childhood friends who could possibly be or have already been called up. One of these friends is a Navy Seal. He is married and has a small child.

I realize the importance of this mission and stand behind our United States military 100 percent. I am thankful that this country has men and women like yourself who willing serve to defend and protect United States citizens, like myself and other individuals throughout the world from individuals who try to intimidate other people.

With this being said, I want to personally thank you and the individuals you serve with and who continue to fight for my freedom and protect my country each day. We are truly blessed as a nation to have people like you. Please pass this message on to others that you will encounter.

Remember that I will keep you and the rest of the military in my thoughts and prayers. May God be with you always and return you safely back to your family.

God Bless America!!!!!

Delphine Peto

Posted by: Delphine Peto on March 21, 2003 07:04 PM

Dear Will,

I have been reading your bio as well...and although I m not an American, I still pray that all you soldiers come home safely. Your personality shines through on here...may God Bless you and keep you safe...


Posted by: Marie on March 21, 2003 10:21 PM

Hi Will Well I am one of those people that looked in this site to find out more about the war we are involved in and then came across your letters it has been interesting finding out everything you are writing. I am not remotely aware of these feelings since I don't have anyone personally close involved in the war, but my heart goes out to many of the families that do have sons daughters husbands and wives in this war. I personally feel very sad to know that many families are saddend by the fact that they have their loved ones out there fighting for us. I hope that you guys and gals keep my email address handy and write to me if you need someone to talk to or just decide to let me in on the way you guys cope with all this. I am a good listener and have a big heart. I would love to know more about you guys and please don't hesitate on writing to me I will write back.

Thanks a million for fighting for us. And I know we will overcome this war with so many brave people fighting for us out there will make us the triumphant. God Bless You All and God Bless America!

Posted by: Lorena on March 22, 2003 04:24 PM

just wanted to drop a comment. stay safe and fight well. my prayers and thought s are with you and the res tof the troops, for my friends and family are there fighting next to you.

Posted by: Liz on March 23, 2003 05:04 AM

Godspeed and hurry home

Posted by: Denese on March 23, 2003 01:39 PM

Hi Will,
Obviously you don't know me. I am just a regular girl trying to follow everything that is happening right now. I just want to say that I loved reading your journal and bio. I think it is truly a great thing that you are serving our country and protecting us "civilians". Ihave 2 friends in the military, one in the Army and one in the Navy. I haven't heard from either of them in weeks. Keep up the good spirits and take care of yourself. Just remember, that everyone across the nation is keeping you and the millions of other in the military in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted by: Samantha on March 23, 2003 01:57 PM

Hi Will,

I too am a South Dakotan and an army brat. I want to thank you and all the men and women in our armed forces for what you do to protect us. I have seen the kind of anger and resentment first hand that other countries have for our soldiers in their countries (see lived in W. Germany in the 80's) and it saddens me to think that people in our own country aren't supportive. I just want to let you and all your comrades know that I am proud to be an American and pray for all your safe returns. God bless all of you and stay safe.

Posted by: Carrie on March 23, 2003 04:16 PM

Hello Will. I am another civilian with no one I know specifically fighting in the war. I'm married with three children and I just want to say God bless to you and the soldiers out there fighting for our country. You and the others define what it means to be heroes and have our greatest respect and undying support. Please be safe and know that you soldiers are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted by: Sandra on March 24, 2003 12:06 PM

Greetings Will,
My brother was a Marine. I want to give my support and send prayers!! I feel we need to support our Military because we are doing the right thing. No one can ever take away our freedom!! I am proud of the men and women who are defending this great nation!! I am proud to be an American!!

Posted by: Kelly on March 24, 2003 12:11 PM

I came across your witty rants and just want to say- my sincere appreciation and gratitude goes to you and all the men and women who give of themselves for the Freedom and Liberty for others. You are the true angels who watch over us. My thoughts are with you and your family for your safe and swift return home.

California (N.J. native)

Posted by: Joyce on March 25, 2003 03:42 AM

Hi will
it might surprise you to read my comment because of my natinality. Iam Saudi Arabic and Muslim girl. its hurts me a lot to see the war in iraq and it does the same to millions people who are against this unfair war. I was so sad to see all the pictures of the Ameriecan died soldiers. and i feel worse when it come to children and innocent people. This war is illiegal one. American people are against this war. i saw them in TV and i saw the oscar too. the world wants peace. we dont hate you but you have to get out of our land
Amal means Hope and i hope in Arabic and i hope the future could be better than today!

Posted by: Amal on March 25, 2003 07:04 AM

My prayers are with you and all those that join you in this battle.

Posted by: Olivia Perez on March 25, 2003 08:25 AM

Dearest Will,

Man, I don't care how trival or mundane you think your job is...over there. You got our support! You are there...for us! My heart swells with pride for each and every member of the military that puts their life on the line for the rest of us. I am a mother of 4 kids, from the ages of 9 to 18. Thankfully, I won't have to deal with the stress of one of my children in any war, for a while. I doubt seriously if my eldest daughter is up for the military! Keep your chin up and be proud of what you are there for. Tell those around you...that all of you are in our prayers and thoughts.

My place of employment is looking to send some care packages. If you know of anyone that needs a little support and love from home....send me an address to:

God Bless and Protect over you!


Posted by: Donna on March 25, 2003 10:15 AM

Hey Will, yep another one of those nosy ppl who clicked on your website and got hooked. You are a terrific writer. You'll be really glad that you did this in later years. I'm here at Fort Bragg, husband is Army but he's not going over least not yet. He just got back from we have some time. I will pray for you and all the soldiers over there each and every day...I know lots of ppl over there. Be safe in everything you do. Remember that you have all of these ppl suppporting and praying for you and a safe return. We appreciate everything you do. May God bless you Will!

Posted by: Rachael Dotson on March 25, 2003 12:03 PM

Dear Will,

I recently came across your letters, and find them to be reassuring. I have a friend that lives in Omaha, and found that part of your bio to strike some interest. I too have many family members, a lost love, and friends who are overseas as well, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe return home, and a THANK YOU for protecting our country among the rest of the soldiers that are fighting this war on terror.

My thoughts, and prayers are with you.



Posted by: Tonya on March 25, 2003 06:33 PM

My sister steered me onto your website and along with others, I want you to know that anyone who is going over to Iraq we are supporting. Even tho the bias media can make it sound like the general public is against this - we ARE NOT. That is only the "small" percentage. I support President Bush and our military action. We live in a great county and should thank God every day that we were fortunate to be born here. God Bless and keep you safe - we will be watching your postings. Betty

Posted by: Betty on March 25, 2003 07:02 PM

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is your courage, dedication and action that allow me to sit in my home office and write to you tonight. Soon, I will have the pleasure of climbing into bed next to my pregnant wife, only after kissing my 7 year old daughter on the forehead, all the while, you and your team are in the desert somewhere eating MRE's and taking fire. Sleeping 1-2 hours a day for weeks. I am filled with gratitude and appreciation for your willingness to stand up and liberate a people who may or may not appreciate you and your mission. But know this, your American brothers and sisters do. Even the asshole protestors appreciate you, they are just naive and think that peace comes from allowing facist regimes to run amuck and go unchecked by the rest of the world...fools. God Bless you, God Bless America and come home soon. We miss you.

Richard French
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Posted by: Richard French on March 25, 2003 11:49 PM

Hey Will,
Your letters really hit home with me. I grew up a military brat from the navy and army. What a combo.... anyway my heart goes out to you and all the guys there. Keep your head low and your faith high. Your in my heart and prayers every minute. Keep in touch we love ya !
Love Always-

Posted by: cheryl dempsey-evans on March 26, 2003 12:54 AM

I would like to Thank You and all the other men and women who have left their families and loved ones to go that God Forsaken country and kick Sadaam's ass! My family's hopes and prayers are with each and every one of you and with your families. I shudder to think what my life and my 3 daughter's lives would be like if we had to live under the kind of ruling that the Iraqi women and children do. I wish you well on your journey and pray that ALL of you return home safely.

God Bless,

Leslie Gwaltney
Highlands, Texas

Posted by: Leslie Gwaltney on March 26, 2003 08:36 AM


Thank you and the hundreds of thousands of other military personnel defending our freedom. I support this war and I support the President of the United States. I am sick to death of Hollywood and my Dixie Chicks CDs are in the trash! They are uneducated spoiled brats who could not make it anywhere else in this world. Unfortunately, other uneducated people listen to their stupidity. Saddam and his sons are madmen who must be stopped now.

You are in our thoughts and prayers 24/7.
Good luck, God bless, and kick some major butt!


Posted by: Cathy on March 26, 2003 10:32 AM

My son and I wanted to let you know we are praying for all the men and women who are over seas. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

God Bless You!

Sincerely Yours,
Becky Van Sant
Calgary,Alberta Canada

Posted by: Becky Van Sant on March 26, 2003 10:36 AM


wow! i just found your webpage! i just love what you're doing!
just wanted to let you know that my prayers are with you and the rest of the troops.
you're all doing a dangerous job (as you don't already know that!) for the safety and freedom of our country.
my brother used to be in the army - ft. hood, texas (now he's a cop). just thought i'd share that!! but thank you. you're an inspiration to us all.
thank you for your courage and dedication. you will be in my prayers and thoughts.
take care out there in sand city!!


Posted by: antoinette fawcett on March 26, 2003 10:40 AM

Ran across your site through a CNN news article. Love your posts!
Wanted to say, Good Luck, Stay Strong and kick some serious ASS!!!!
From one MW'terner to another, HOOAH!

Posted by: Tish on March 26, 2003 10:43 AM

Prayers for you and all there from sunny Florida near Eglin AFB @ Ft. Walton Beach and NAS Pensacola. Please take care and know that complete strangers wish you and all there well and a very safe return.

Posted by: Manda on March 26, 2003 10:57 AM

Hi Will,
Ok, you made me laugh! Thank you. I am one of those extreme-to-a-fault compassionate people who cry during some commercials on TV. So I have a really hard time watching and listening to the news during this time. But, my face is glued to the TV anyway (figure that one), as my heart is ripped out.
Thank you, and all the men and women of the military of our great country for giving of yourself to keep us safe, and ridding the world of this evil man and his cronies. My heart and prayers are with you. Godspeed.

P.S. If you need someone to BS with, you got my email!

Posted by: Beth on March 26, 2003 11:01 AM


I'm the son of a 30-year Army Infantry officer (Lt. Col.) and am myself a Vietnam-era Navy veteran. I've spent half of my life in and around the military culture. I believe that unless you've been in your shoes - or boots I guess - it's extremely difficult to understand what you do, why you do it, the challenges you face, and the pride you share with your comrades. Our country was founded on personal freedoms and individual rights. Those who protest this war are expressing their freedom and rights to say what they believe. In Iraq they would likely be tortured and killed for that simple, human right. So, as go through this, do not be discouraged by the discord between the various opinions back home. Be proud that you represent a country and a people where opinions are freely expressed without retribution. That, among many other things, is what you fighting for. Supporters and detractors of the war alike support you all and want you back home safe. God speed and keep your head down, soldier....

Posted by: John Coyle on March 26, 2003 11:02 AM

Hi Will,
My hair is falling out too, but that's because I'm gitting up thar! Not to and I are obviously evergreen types and are just moulting...'reculer pour mieux sauter' -- oops! that's "Freedom" talk! Will, I just discovered blogs and you/your site, so am shouting out HI WILL, HI GUYS. (In New York, we call everyone 'guys'--even the gals. Well, maybe something gets lost in translation...) Stay well, Evergreen. Hug & kisses, and pass it around!

Posted by: Uptown Girl on March 26, 2003 11:22 AM

Hi Will....found you thru CNN website. Let everyone you come into contact know that Huntsville, AL. is behind you guys 300%!!!! Come home safe, and if you are ever in Huntsville, look me up....I will GLADLY buy you a few beers!!! ;) Take care; we love you all and support your efforts~

Huntsville, AL

Posted by: Angela on March 26, 2003 11:24 AM

Be assured of my prayers and thoughts.

Posted by: Larry on March 26, 2003 11:26 AM

Hey Will! I visited your Web site after seeing an article about it on I don't know any military personnel who have been deployed myself, so I wanted to just tell someone who is actually over there THANK YOU. Thank you to all of you who are overseas defending us at home, our freedom and our country. I know the words I'm writing can in no way express my gratitude, but I hope they at least help you to understand that we are behind you all the way. I continue to keep you all, your families and our leaders in my prayers every day. Many, many thanks to you. We will never forget the job you're doing. God Bless You and the USA!

Posted by: Stacey on March 26, 2003 11:27 AM

Hey Will,

I was so excited to find your web-site! I'm a civilian (absolutely no military history, non, nada, zilch, except for dating a couple of Marine's, but I don't think that counts as military experience) and I'm glad to have a way to tell you-and the rest of you wonderful people out there fighting for our country-how proud I am of you, and how thankful I am to have such an amazing, brave population of people serving the U.S. You guys are awesome. There's no disputing that (and if someone does, who gives a rat's behind, they're just blowing smoke). Thank you for everything. You are heroes who deserve our love, respect, and support. God bless you. Many many of us are praying for you to come home safely, so you better!

Posted by: Melissa on March 26, 2003 11:27 AM

Greetings from the land of bayou, a place where a Cajun-Taliban from, a place where the famous Sniper Killer from.

From the man that left behind, we salute you all in the desert. WOOP some Saddam's buttcrack boys for us, the weekend warrior. Could not wait to join you all as soon as we got our activation.


Posted by: SPC Troopie on March 26, 2003 11:48 AM

Hey Will,

God bless brother,

Brazilian support

Posted by: Rodney Z. E. on March 26, 2003 11:52 AM

Hi Will,

i´m a brazilian civilian girle and everything is very strange to me. As I said I´m from Brazil and here we really don´t know nothing about wars, is something so far and so unreal to us. I think everything is so crazy and I really admire you guys. Leave your country to fight for an ideal that´s really not yours. I hope we keep on talking so I can understand more and know what goes by in your head.
hope to hear from you and good luck

Posted by: Andreia on March 26, 2003 11:58 AM

As all the others that have posted comments here the people of the US are behind you guys despite the misconception portrayed by the media and the stupid celebrities and athletes in this country (some not even American citizens -- STEVE NASH GO BACK TO CANADA!!!!). Everyone fails to realize that there are 40Million Iraqis that have lived in poverty and deplorable conditions for 30 years and if more people thought about that they would re-think their opinion of the US and UK attempting to liberate them. It's going to be really interesting when we question the rest of world when we find WMD and they say "Uh, well, let us send in UN inspectors again"

That's my rant, and also as others have said if you are ever in dallas the beer is on me!!!

Posted by: Dan on March 26, 2003 12:05 PM


I have to say, reading your updates are great. I am fascinated (hope that does not sound weird) by the events happening. I am proud to call myself an American. I watch constantly and keep updated as to what is happening. I personally would love to be there seeing for myself (too old I guess - 38) the bravery that our men and woman are displaying.
On another note, your sense of humor is great. It is good to know despite the issue at hand, you are able to keep the laughter going. Guys like you are worth a million to others. It helps others adjust and feel they can be themselves. You sound like a fantastic person and an asset to your fellow soldiers. "Butter", I hope the best for you and all others in the place you can't mention. I will continue to read your site for you add character to your updates.

Ft Worth, Texas

Posted by: Rochelle on March 26, 2003 12:47 PM

Good Luck and Godspeed!!!!!!!
Thoughts and Prayers are always with you.

Posted by: Linda on March 26, 2003 01:26 PM

So what can a couple of single Texas girls do to support you guys? We'd love to adopt a unit and write letters and send goodies!! How can we help?? Any suggestions on where to write would be great!!

We're sending you good thoughts!!

Jennifer and Christy

Posted by: Jennifer and Christy on March 26, 2003 01:37 PM

My thoughts and Prayers are with all of the men and women in the United States armed forces, AND our allies.
I came across your site on CNN as many others have.
I really enjoyed reading your posts and all the comments from around the world. You definitely need to archive these and write a book.
Taylor, Texas

Posted by: Susanna on March 26, 2003 01:46 PM

Hi Will,

I'm from Brazil. Your site was divulgated in a brasilian site and lots of brasilian will read your blog.
I'm not in favor of the deaths and destruction this war is causing, but....if you personally believe that you are helping the WORLD with blood…Good Luck. God helps you to be alive.

Posted by: Schi on March 26, 2003 02:25 PM

Hey Will-
Go get'em NBC. From a former soldier to one who's answering the call, hooah. After spending 8 years on an M1A1, I really came to appreciate the role that 54B's play. Well done, Will. Stay alert, stay alive.

Posted by: SSG Scott on March 26, 2003 02:37 PM

Hi, Will,

I came across your site through and wanted to thank you for sharing your story with us.

Before I get to the real reason I'm writing, I have to address your comments about my home state of Wisconsin! While I haven't worn the feminine version of the mullet for more than 15 years, I must reluctantly agree that our state does have a high concentration of people who refuse to let it go. Still, I am very proud to have grown up here; we didn't have to lock our cars or our homes at night (much less during the day), the sounds of nature were more prevalent than machines or people, the skyline was not marred by tall buildings or smog, and water came from our own wells...clear, sweet, and so cold it hurt the teeth (when bottled water first hit the market, I thought the idea was ridiculous!). That's my vision of the perfect America, and that's what you protect for me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

While I have no relatives fighting in this war, my work as a college administrator puts me in frequent contact with soldiers. Sadly, this contact means another student has been called to active duty (and therefore must drop their classes). I look at these soldiers/students and I get that ache in the back of my throat--the one that comes from concern, worry and even a little fear. I wonder where these students are going and what they might experience, and I hope they will make it back home. I think about how the Vietnam War affected my uncles who fought, and I pray that you and your brothers- and sisters-in-arms are able to overcome the physical and emotional hardships war may send you.

Bless you, Will, for your heroic work, and for letting us come to "know" one of our soldiers; you (our military) are fighting a worthy fight for freedom, and you're doing it overseas so we don't have to do it here. Bless you for protecting my home, my loved ones and especially my daughter, who will be born in May.

Posted by: Tonya H. on March 26, 2003 02:38 PM

Hello Will, I have no other word to tell you: Bon courage! God Bless you, take care.


Posted by: Marie MM on March 26, 2003 02:38 PM


Hi, my name is Jackie, and I"m an airforce wife. I enjoyed reading your bio and wanted to wish you well and let you know you will be in my thoughts and prayers, along with my husband and all the soldiers, and sailors. Please take care of yourself, and I look forward to your next posting.

Take care

Posted by: Jackie on March 26, 2003 02:53 PM

I hope that you have made it safely to your destination. I pray that God continues to watch over you while you are there serving our country and saving another. Thank you for your time that you have put into this site. It is appreciated by all who view it as you can see. A friend passed it along to me and I'm sure I'll continue to do the same. Congratulations on your promotion, may you use it wisely. As with many others that have offered you and other members of the military their support, I offer mine as well. If there is something that I could possibly do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. May God watch over you and keep you safe. As a journalist, if my company would send me over there, I'd gladly go in order to make some sort of contribution to the American efforts already taking place. However I'm sure that my parents would object to a 26 year old single woman adding THAT to her resume! Please take care of yourself and your colleagues. Get your job done and come home!!!


Posted by: Tracey on March 26, 2003 02:56 PM

Hi, Will ;

You don't know me, I live in Brazil, sorry, I don't speak Eglish very well, but I must say the next:
I'm praying for you, and your family, I know God is looking over you all.

God Bless You.

Take Care, my friend !


Posted by: Oséas on March 26, 2003 03:10 PM

Will, I wish you the very best and hope you aren't required to put any of your NCB skills into use.

Give them hell for all of us, we're with you in spirit.

Posted by: wendy on March 26, 2003 03:37 PM

Dude, I just wanna give you props for deciding to be a hero rather then a pimpin' mack daddy with a cane and top hat...take care of yourself!
God bless!

Posted by: Snackpack on March 26, 2003 03:44 PM

Quite an amusing site. I am amused at seeing the thoughts of a soldier enthusiastically going off to do the bidding of people who have'nt faced the wrong end of a gun. Check out

I hope history proves that this action in Iraq was not necessary. I hope it is over quickly without much damage to innocent life, be it American or Iraqi. I hope the real intentions of the Bush people are exposed.

But I appreciate your intentions and your bravery. Do come back safe to your parents and loved ones. May the force be with you.

Posted by: ghandoo on March 26, 2003 03:54 PM

Will and All who serve:

I was writing every day through USO/AOL site and then CNN posted no one should send mail unsolicited unless part of military family. I am heart broken by this and ask that you print this message for me and let me know if I can send more through you.

Dear Soldier:

We at home are grateful for your personal sacrifices and no matter which branch of our coalition forces you participate in, please know we believe you fight with HIGHEST DIGNITY AND HONOR AFFORDED AN INDIVIDUAL. As we continue to keep faith and trust in your work, please KEEP FAITH AND STAY CONFIDENT IN YOUR HEARTS.

A grateful world awaits you safely returning home being filled with peace and realizing AN ENTIRE WORLD IS YOUR NEIGHBOR and TRULY BELIEVING IN THE OLIVE BRANCH OF PEACE.

Posted by: Susan Bahringer on March 26, 2003 04:20 PM

I want you to know that I feel personally honored and humbled by the fact that so many men and women would literally lay down their lives for me, my family and my country. God Bless you and America.

Posted by: Judy on March 26, 2003 04:27 PM

Hey Will, I just found out about your site and others like it . I think it's great that you have a way to tell us back home about your day. We are all thinking of you peeps every day and you are all gonna come home to one hell-uv-a party when this thing is all over. My thoughts and prayers also are with the POW's and casualties as a result of the operations. They (casualties) have already made it to the big party in the sky and we are truly thankful for the sacrifices they and their families have made to defend our way of life. Now, pick that sand booger and kick some ass !

God Bless America and her Armed Forces !!

Posted by: John on March 26, 2003 04:38 PM

Thank you Will for what you are doing for us. I just came across your blog from CNN and I'm looking forward to reading more about you and your travels. You and the other American soldiers are in our hearts and prayers and we want you all to come home safely - and soon!

Thank you!
God Bless America!
(Now go kick some butt! :-))

Posted by: Stephanie on March 26, 2003 05:06 PM

Hi Will,

I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. When you come back, write back or call me (we are in the phone book) and my husband and I will take on the buck-fifty tour of New York, where you can do some of that partying you have planned.

Tell the guys and gals we love them,
Doreen Pugh
Valley Stream, New York

Posted by: Doreen Pugh on March 26, 2003 05:07 PM


I have to say this you are a brave man, I come from a military background as far as my family goes, I had a brother in the army who was a engineer and a father who was in the navy as a airplane mechanic. I just hope that you come home safely because I have many friends now from high school that are in the military on boats and on land and I am so worried about them.

I have a Ex-husband/good friend that is on a ship out there now and some classmates in the 101st airborne out of kentucky and I worry everyday about them. I just pray for all of you that you make it home safe and that means you too will and yes quit the smoking cause that will really kill

God bless, Marian

Posted by: Marian on March 26, 2003 05:38 PM

Hi will, it´s nice ...

Esta guerra sólo servirá para cambiar de tirano.

--> This war has one objetive, to change of tyrant.

Posted by: jesus on March 26, 2003 05:46 PM

Artículo escrito sobre el 11 de septiembre de 2001:

¿Cómo se siente? ¿Cómo se siente ver que el horror estalla en
tu patio y no en el living del vecino?

¿Cómo se siente el miedo apretando tu pecho, el pánico que
provocan el ruido ensordecedor, las llamas sin control, los
edificios que se derrumban, ese terrible olor que se mete
hasta el fondo en los pulmones, los ojos de los inocentes que
caminan cubiertos de sangre y polvo?

¿Cómo se vive por un día en tu propia casa la incertidumbre de
lo que va a pasar? ¿Cómo se sale del estado de shock? En
estado de shock caminaban el 6 de agosto de 1945 los
sobrevivientes de Hiroshima. Nada quedaba en pie en la ciudad
luego que el artillero norteamericano del Enola Gay dejara
caer la bomba. En pocos segundos habían muerto 80.000 hombres
mujeres y niños. Otros 250.000 morirían en los años siguientes
a causa de las radiaciones.

Pero ésa era una guerra lejana y ni siquiera existía la

¿Cómo se siente hoy el horror cuando las terribles imágenes de
la televisión te dicen que lo ocurrido el fatídico 11 de
septiembre no pasó en una tierra lejana sino en tu propia
patria? Otro 11 de setiembre, pero de 28 años atrás, había
muerto un presidente de nombre Salvador Allende resistiendo un
golpe de Estado que tus gobernantes habían planeado. También
fueron tiempos de horror, pero eso pasaba muy lejos de tu
frontera, en una ignota republiqueta sudamericana. Las
republiquetas estaban en tu patio trasero y nunca te
preocupaste mucho cuando tus marines salían a sangre y fuego a
imponer sus puntos de vista.

¿Sabías que entre 1824 y 1994 tu país llevó a cabo 73
invasiones a países de América Latina? Las víctimas fueron
Puerto Rico, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Haití, Colombia, Cuba,
Honduras, República Dominicana, Islas Vírgenes, El Salvador,
Guatemala y Granada.

Hace casi un siglo que tus gobernantes están en guerra. Desde
el comienzo del siglo XX, casi no hubo una guerra en el mundo
en que la gente de tu Pentágono no hubiera participado. Claro,
las bombas siempre explotaron fuera de tu territorio, con
excepción de Pearl Harbor cuando la aviación japonesa
bombardeó la Séptima Flota en 1941. Pero siempre el horror
estuvo lejos.

Cuando las Torres Gemelas se vinieron abajo en medio del
polvo, cuando viste las imágenes por televisión o escuchaste
los gritos porque estabas esa mañana en Manhattan, ¿pensaste
por un segundo en lo que sintieron los campesinos de Vietnam
durante muchos años? En Manhattan, la gente caía desde las
alturas de los rascacielos como trágicas marionetas. En
Vietnam, la gente daba alaridos porque el napalm seguía
quemando la carne por mucho tiempo y la muerte era espantosa,
tanto como las de quienes caían en un salto desesperado al

Tu aviación no dejó una fábrica en pie ni un puente sin
destruir en Yugoslavia. En Irak fueron 500.000 los muertos.
Medio millón de almas se llevó la Operación Tormenta del
Desierto...¿Cuánta gente desangrada en lugares tan exóticos y
lejanos como Vietnam, Irak, Irán, Afganistán, Libia, Angola,
Somalia, Congo, Nicaragua, Dominicana, Camboya, Yugoslavia,
Sudán, y una lista interminable?

En todos esos lugares los proyectiles habían sido fabricados
en factorías de tu país, y eran apuntados por tus muchachos,
por gente pagada por tu Departamento de Estado, y sólo para
que tu pudieras seguir gozando de la forma de vida americana.

Hace casi un siglo que tu país está en guerra con todo el

Curiosamente, tus gobernantes lanzan los jinetes del
Apocalipsis en nombre de la libertad y de la democracia. Pero
debes saber que para muchos pueblos del mundo (en este planeta
donde cada día mueren 24.000 pobladores por hambre o
enfermedades curables), Estados Unidos no representa la
libertad, sino un enemigo lejano y terrible que sólo siembra
guerra, hambre, miedo y destrucción. Siempre han sido
conflictos bélicos lejanos para ti, pero para quienes viven
allá es una dolorosa realidad cercana, una guerra donde los
edificios se desploman bajo las bombas y donde esa gente
encuentra una muerte horrible. Y las víctimas han sido, en el
90 por ciento, civiles, mujeres, ancianos, niños efectos

¿Qué se siente cuando el horror golpea a tu puerta aunque sea
por un sólo día? ¿Qué se piensa cuando las víctimas en Nueva
York son secretarias, operadores de bolsa o empleados de
limpieza que pagaban puntualmente sus impuestos y nunca
mataron una mosca?

¿Cómo se siente el miedo? ¿Cómo se siente, yanqui, saber que
la larga guerra finalmente el 11 de septiembre llegó a tu

Gabriel García Márquez

Posted by: javier on March 26, 2003 05:49 PM

Will, Our love and prayers are with every single one of you fighting for us. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Please come home safe and soon. If you need someone to talk to-email me!!

Posted by: Amigh on March 26, 2003 07:28 PM

Hey Dude. I am glad the US didn't waiver. We all want peace but everyone knows a few evil men still want old school power.
The only way to achieve that is using what they only know, which is not deplomacy but force.
May your eyes be that of an eagle, and your courage that of a lion.
Lets hope a peaceful eco globe can be reached by the year 3000.

Posted by: Deano on March 26, 2003 08:37 PM

Go Will Go!

I'm in Kansas City. A transplant from Nebraska (Geneva to be specific). Best Wishes and our prayers are with you! Get home in time for Husker football this fall.


Posted by: Robb Urschel on March 26, 2003 09:02 PM

Hey Will,

You know you're the man. Just wanted to wish you and the rest of the world's bravest men and women the best of luck. May GOD bless you all and bring ya back safely. THANKS HERO!!!!!

Posted by: Michelle on March 26, 2003 09:06 PM

You don't know me, but like many others I came across this website courtesy of CNN.
My son, Airman Tre Washington, is over there somewhere. I just want all of you to know that the protesters are a minority, and America is solidly behind you. I see more flags flying everyday. People want to show their support, and express their pride in all our men and women like you. We appreciate your courage, and the sacrifices you're making.
Having said that please let me talk as a mom. Please be extra careful, and remember that the Lord is your strength. If you don't know Him for yourself, please understand He wants to know you, and is just waiting for you to admit your need of forgiveness. Why am I bringing this up? Because I care about you, and I don't want you going into battle without the Commander-In-Chief.
God bless you, son. Millions of people are praying for you and your buddies. -A mom-

Posted by: Barb on March 26, 2003 09:09 PM

You do not know me. I wanted to wish you all the best and kick that rat ba**ards ass for me when they catch him.
You went to USD.. wow. My mother grew up in Vermillion. we still have the house there (right next to the PiPhi House accross from the city pool).
I am hooked on your site. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. If you know someone who wants a email pen pal... let me know....

Posted by: Rebekah on March 26, 2003 09:12 PM

Hi Will,

Just something real quick: Please take out two comments from two assholes who are anti-americans and against the war. It really disturbs me to read this shit in your website. You don't understand it because it is in Spanish. Please take out the comment from Jesus made on 3/26 at 5:46pm and Javier's posted on 3/26 at 5:49pm. And so that they understand me, le dije a Will que quitara los comentarios PENDEJOS de dos PENDEJOS que se escuden detras del español para decir comentarios anti-americanos y anti-guerra. Si no estan de acuerdo con esta guerra ni los EU pues posteen sus opiniones en otro foro.
There, I took it off my chest.

And good luck to you,


Posted by: Joanna on March 26, 2003 09:36 PM

Hello Will:

I found out about your website thru CNN, and I am so glad I did! You are a terrific writer with a tremendous sense of humor.
I am a grandmother that will be praying for your safe return, and will like to thank you for going to defend our country and our freedom.
May God bless you and all the fine men and women that have been deployed.


Posted by: Mary on March 26, 2003 09:46 PM

Hi, Will
I started reading your website a couple of days ago. I have really enjoyed it, and it has made me laugh out loud, or break out in a big grin. These are all things I haven't done lately, especially since War has started. You can probably tell by now, that I dont support this War. But I do support all the brave men and woman willing to die for it. I have fiance in the Navy who may be deployed anyday. What scares me the most is the lost of life, and not just his. I wish everyone a safe return to their friends and families left behind. God bless you and your fellow brothers and sisters.

Posted by: AMY on March 26, 2003 09:54 PM

Hi Will,
Number one: Stay Safe!

Number two: Those that are not delusional are with you

Number three: It is a JUST WAR, If it wasn't for the USA and the Uk The poor iraqi people would have never been helped. He Gassed the Kurds, He gassed the iranians. And no-one cared! Finally the iRAQI people and the world will be free of a TYRANT!


TO: JOANNA YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Christine on March 26, 2003 09:56 PM

Hi Will,

I also found out about your site through CNN, and I think that your blog is awesome. I, myself, am an Army wife (my husband is a Blackhawk pilot). Please know that my prayers are with you, and all of the rest of our guys out there, fighting for our way of life. I would also like to share my own military website. I have attempted to create an online resource/communication site for the spouses of Army Aviators, and all military spouses in general. I hope that people will find it very useful for finding and sharing information. Anyway, just wanted to wish you the best and spread the word a little!

God Bless.

Posted by: Leslie on March 26, 2003 09:56 PM

hey will....its great to see you have such high spirits..and you are so funny...i agree with the lady up there ^^^ who wants to write to someone...ive been to web sites that get you military pen pals etc but they are you probably are too...if you have the time please pass my email on to someone who needs a friend to whatever...peace and God bless you all

ps..i can spell i am just a terrible typist who woulda ever thunk id have to type all the time..i never was gonna be a secretary so i never took typing....(keyboarding as they call it now lol)

Posted by: deidre on March 26, 2003 10:07 PM

Hi Will :)

We are praying for you here in Oregon...stay safe and sane...we're all here behind you!


Posted by: Peggi on March 26, 2003 10:13 PM

Will -

Thanks for your thoughts written so eloquently. As the daughter of a proud Marine (Semper Fi) who retired the year I was born, and, as the mother of 3 beautiful children - (one at "draft" age - but safely esconsed in College right now) I just want - like most others - to say the trivial thank you; for joining, believing in our country and for being willing to give your life so that all of us can enjoy the freedoms that come along with being American.

For those who live in the US - and who DON'T support our president or his decisions, do you think you could remember 9/11 for just a second of your selfish lives? If nothing else, we have a sharp point to make. If we don't do it now, we might all experience our own 9/11's in our own backyard.

Will, thanks again to ALL of our servicemen who have volunteered their very LIVES for this country. God keep you all safe, you are all in our thoughts and prayers daily.

Get in, kick some serious ass, and then get those asses back home soon!

When ya get here - I'd love to read more of you....

Oh - and when you get back home, and come through Dallas? Forget the damn beer - I'll have champagne by the case chilled for all of you!!

Dallas, Texas

Posted by: Teri & family on March 26, 2003 10:16 PM

Just so you know, is plugging you and some other soldiers' sites. I want to express that while I care about you and other soldiers' lives, and am urging my friends to do so also, I remain an advocate for peace, and I disagree with our "Commander in Chief's" orders. I know it's your job, I know it's your orders, and I know it has to hold some weight when you're putting your life up for it. However, you can be a conscientious objector in your head, even if you're tied to your superior officers' orders. I guess that makes it harder to do what you do, but keep it in your head that peace is still possible, and that love will prosper in the end. I plan to set up an Iraqi-American peace fund, to help civilian families and families at home, and I wouldn't mind sending some care packages to you guys. I have some friends that have been over there, and some that are over there, and I weep for them.

Posted by: Adam on March 26, 2003 10:23 PM

Dear Will, You are one of many heroes! I have just learned about bloggers from cnn.
I am a Christian school teacher in Tennessee. One of our graduates, "The Duke" is serving (Marines branch) in Iraq. I always felt like He had a special job to do for God. God Bless all of our brave men and women warriors. Thank you for helping to preserve our liberties. God Bless and keep you safe in the hollow of His hand. HEB 13:5 I WILL NEVER LEAVE THEE NOR FORSAKE THEE

P.S. Wonder if the anti's realize...You all are fighting for their liberties to just speak their minds. Only in American could they protest against their President and military.


Posted by: Mrs. Minnie on March 26, 2003 10:31 PM

Hi Will,
Me no american. But just wanted to wish you and all the ppl out in the desert a safe return back to their homes. May god be with you all.


Posted by: diehard on March 26, 2003 10:42 PM

Hi Will! It is 10:41pm-ish here in lovely (well...) dark, warm (not for a little while anyway) Omaha, NE. I totally came across this site as a fluke poking around on CNN, and your link was on there.

I hope you are safe and well. I am glad that you have a site like this!

Please, be safe, be careful, and write if you would like, or if you can.

Take care!

Posted by: Karen Lang on March 26, 2003 10:44 PM


I am also a reservist who has not been called yet. Funny thing is I was living in Germany and am now in China traveling for work. Everybody in both areas always ask me what side I am on. I tell them I agree 100% with our great President and they go silent. No more discussion. Last night though I met a Danish person at the Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing and we had a nice discusson concerning Mr. Saddam and how he has controlled Europe and most of the rest of the world (including Clinton) for the past 12 years. He came around a bit at the end and could actually see our side of the story. Maybe if the press would stop being so one sided with coverage the rest of the world would wake up also.

Anyway good luck and God Bless You!


Posted by: West on March 26, 2003 10:50 PM

Hey Will
I just wanted you and everyone to know that my prayers are with you and everyone protecting all of us here. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and please know that we support you and are very, very proud of you.

Posted by: Jeanie on March 26, 2003 11:04 PM

If you guys found SADDAM pls beat them really hard before you shoot them.
Take care and shoot sharp.

Posted by: DeviL on March 26, 2003 11:07 PM

Hello Will,
I found out about your website thru the local tv news and was glad I did. I am an NBC NCO myself (18 years of service) and the word former never applies to the Chemical Corp. I have been out for 4 years now and despite being old and out of shape am dying to get back in the shit. I am a Desert Storm/Shield vet and know a little of what you are facing. Please, please be careful! Don't let ANYONE take saddam's threats of NBC use lightly! And keep reminding them of the signs of exposure. If you have 5 minutes to get a nap - TAKE IT! Those minutes could save your life. If you or anyone else over there needs or could use a pen pal who really understands the job give them my e-mail addy. If you need to vent, talk, or just recieve some support go for it. God Speed to you all.

Posted by: SSG Marion on March 26, 2003 11:16 PM


I found your site through CNN today. Very interesting reading! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I find that I can't get enough of reading and hearing about what's going on right now. If I didn't have to work and walk the dog, I would spend 24/7 doing it.

I personally don't know anybody who is deployed but would like to offer any help that I can. Whether it would be sending a care package or just offering words of encouragement, laughs or whatever, please forward my e-mail address to them.

Keep up the good job! Keep safe and know we'll be rooting for you and the troops! When you get back, stop in Pittsburgh, I'll treat you to a cold Iron or a Rolling Rock! I'll also point out some mullets. (We've got our share here too!)


Posted by: Julianne on March 26, 2003 11:17 PM


Just had to say keep up the good work. You and the rest of the troops are in our prayers.

Oh, and by the way, here in *Wisconsin* it has been nice and sunny! Except we're supposed to get 6 inches of snow by Friday. Yee-haw! Tell me, what's worse, sandstorms, or the white stuff?

Take care. Thanks for fighting for Freedom. Your brave work is appreciated.


Posted by: Paul on March 26, 2003 11:20 PM


My uncle is also a Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Specialist who was called up in February and finally deployed last Sunday headed for ??? (the military can be so secretive!). Another uncle (Marines) will leave this Sunday.

I am in awe of people like you and my uncles who are ready (see chomping at the bit), willing, and (you bet your ass) more than capable to do what must be done to protect America and her people.

"Thank you" seems wholly inadequate. Please let our troops know that we love them, support them, and pray everyday for a swift victory and a safe return. And again, please feel free to pass this email along to any of your soldiers who need a pal.


P.S. If you come across a fellow weapons specialist (short, stocky, smart-mouthed, answers to Joe) give him a big hug for me. And them give him a wedgie or noogie or something. He's a cop in his "other" life and can be a real pompous ass sometimes. But we love him...

Posted by: Alicia on March 26, 2003 11:22 PM

dear will, i am writing all the way from Australia (where i'm working at the moment), i guess it's kindda different when you are in someone else's country...i hope that you are doing okay, and that you and your boys know that although a lot of people are not supporting the war, we do support you have no idea how afraid i am for you guys, i know you'd probably say no to worry, but everyday at work, during my lunch hour, instead of going out for lunch, i sit here and surf the net just to see how you boys are doing there,and just today i came across your site at CNN. i cried yesterday just thinking about you guys....i guess i'm not helping by telling you this, but i don't know how else to cope with this...i don't know anyone serving there, but seeing images on TV and magazines , especially when i see the faces of the soldiers, i always think to myself, that's someone's boyfriend, that's someone's daddy, that's someone's mommy, and so on and so on....well, i hope you are doing okay, remember that we do support you and keep well....

Posted by: kasih on March 26, 2003 11:31 PM


I just want to say thanks, and tell you that I really despise Saddam, so you need to get that jerk fast! Real fast!!

Posted by: Mary on March 26, 2003 11:37 PM

Hello Will,
I came across your web site from cnn.Your upbeat humor made me laugh during this sad time. I lost many friends during the vietman war and I hope everything goes well for you and your troops. That you all come home safely.I will be praying for all the men and women over there.May God bless and keep you all safe.Your mission over there is clear to me and when the iraqi people are free from that terrible tyant and when they are eating our food and drinking our water. They will be rubbing their bellies and thanking the Usa and Brits instead of allah.Good luck . (and keep your head down) Teri

Posted by: Teri on March 26, 2003 11:39 PM

I just want you to know that I represent the many Canucks who support our American friends & pray every day for the brave men & women who put their ass on the line to protect freedom & democracy in the world. LOVE FROM CANADA!!!

Posted by: Natasha on March 26, 2003 11:44 PM

I just want you to know that I am praying for you guys and gals who are defending our freedom.
God Bless America, and your President Bush.
Thank God that you will free Iraqi people and the world from that crazy evil person.

Posted by: Jackie on March 26, 2003 11:44 PM

What a great stress reliever for you and wonderful way to keep in touch with family and friends. I hope this site does as much for you as it does for those of us who are not able to join you.
My years at Ft Bragg, and now at an undisclosed location, have given me an intimate knowledge of the dedication, excellence and sacrifice willingly given.
If you run into my son-in-law while there, give him a hug...and while you're at it, give a pat on the back to your troops and yourself.
Congrats on the bar - it brings an even greater responsiblity to your troops. Use it and lead wisely.
Best of luck and stay safe.

Posted by: Jeani on March 26, 2003 11:49 PM

Prayers and Thoughts....
I am a Canadian and I sincerely apologize that you do not have my government's support...Please know that you do have many citizen's support though...
God Bless you and the others.

Posted by: Deb on March 27, 2003 12:09 AM

I just wanted to take a moment and thank ya'll for defending and protecting all of us! I can't even fathom what hell you and the rest of our troops are going thru, but please know that ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers. Our world has forever been changed since 9/11, and I am so proud of the fact that so many troops are brave enough to combat terrorism, and keep us safe! Again thank you, and may God Bless You - God Bless America
P.S. pass on my e-mail address to anyone who is in need or want of a friend back home.

Posted by: Mel on March 27, 2003 01:18 AM

Hello Will,

I'm very proud to talk with an American Soldier. I'm french, yes but a real friend of American!! I love your country and all thz Americans.
I wish you the victory, be careful, i'm very proud of what you're doing, you're a couageous nation not as mine!
I want to tell you that all along the day i'm looking for informations about this war.
I've got friends living in Washington, and they give me "real" news.
You're all in my thoughts.
Please be careful.
I give you all my friendship.
Take care.

Posted by: walter on March 27, 2003 02:15 AM

Hi Will,

All the world is taking care of this conflict: your biography helps us to understand that this war is involving "real" man, not only pictures on TV!.
I'm from Italy and I wish you the best luck: we are grateful for what US are doing for all of us.
Come back soon with all the other soldiers!

Posted by: A.M on March 27, 2003 02:50 AM


I don't drink, but I will enjoy a sand free cigerette on your behalf. A portion of your bio was read here in Dallas on the local Fox affiliate, that is what prompted me to check out your site. I posted a message else where on you site under my alias "Mustang Momma".


Posted by: Aline on March 27, 2003 03:06 AM

Hi Will,

Thanks for giving me a glimps into your life. I really admire you man. I support this war regardless of what anyone says. You're doing the right thing, and this time our government is not going to make the mistakes of WWII thanks to people like you.

Thank you for what you're doing. You're not a demagogue, and people like you make me proud to be an American!

Be safe, stay healthy, and come home sooner than later!!!

Posted by: Dan on March 27, 2003 03:32 AM

Hi Will!

Alldoh this war i all "wrong" to me stay safe and healthy. Good Luck to you and your unit.

Chris - Austria

Posted by: chris on March 27, 2003 03:48 AM

I have spent my life in two countries that would not be the same if it were not for US military intervention at one time or another. Australia and Britain. No-one wants war, sometimes it has to be fought, to allow healing to take place. The price is terrible but what is gained is the future. A peaceful future. There is little more just and worthy. I hope that the Iraqi people see this sense.

Take care Will. I believe in what you are going to accomplish.


Posted by: wattster on March 27, 2003 03:59 AM

This is all BULLSHIT, I dont fucking want to read a stupid writer`s tales while he`s sitting at home and thinking how to make it all funny.

This is all.
Thanks for your attention.

Posted by: Max on March 27, 2003 04:19 AM

Hello Will, I'm Barbara from Vicenza, Italy. I don't speak english very well, but i want ask you if you can help me how to find a soldier from the 173rd Airbone brigade.
I am sad why I have not greeted he.
I'm waiting for your answer and give you all my friendship.
I pray for you all.
Take care.

Posted by: Barbara on March 27, 2003 04:19 AM

Hello Will,
just wanted to say to you and all the Amserican soldiers out there, that I believe in what you are doing and I hope you can all go back home soon!!! I can imagine how much you miss your families and how much you are missed!!! And I'm ashamed for people who accuse the US to be the real terrorist. Instead, I think you`re the only people with balls... sorry, I meant :COURAGE!!!
God bless you!!!!

Posted by: CLAUDIA LN (Italy) on March 27, 2003 04:48 AM

My prayers are with all who are in action. i hope this war ends soon.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Posted by: Najla on March 27, 2003 05:54 AM

Dear Will,
I found this site through a link from CNN, and have been incredibly amused and entertained by your blog. You're a fantastic writer, you know? :)

Good luck in wherever you go [yeah, we know, you can't tell us yet! :D] and our prayers go with you and your fellow soldiers. You're fighting for us and our freedom, and we do respect and admire you.

Come back safe and sound.

Good wishes and all the best,
Emily, down under in Australia [and say hi to our troops if you see them!]

And may God continue to bless America...and Australia. And the UK too. :)

Posted by: Emily on March 27, 2003 06:01 AM

Hi Will,
I think your website is very very intresting. I don't know you anyway I care in what you do. I'm not American and I don't like war, but I have a lot of US friends and I lived a little in USA where everybody was very very kind with me. That's why I'm concerned for you too. So please take care and courage!
bye. G

Posted by: Ghisa on March 27, 2003 06:05 AM

Hi Will!
I'm from Cologne/ Germany
I really hope that this war will be short and you'll return save and healthy. But I will never understand how Bush could convince so many people in your country that Iraq has any connection to 09/11 without naming a single evidence.

Posted by: Guido on March 27, 2003 06:15 AM

Yo will!


Good luck and godspeed. May some spirit have your back wherever you may be going.

Best Regards,


Posted by: Martin on March 27, 2003 06:37 AM

Hi Will,
I'm an italian soldier from Firenze, ITALY.
I hope you stay well and that this war will be short.
You're very strong and rich of spirit, and this fact can help you in bad times.
Best wishes,

Posted by: Ten. CC Rossi Mario on March 27, 2003 08:10 AM

Hey, I'm from Toronto but I just came to Atlanta for a few months...I think its awesome what you guys are doing. I'll tell ya what...when you catch that a$$hole, bring him to me and give me 5 minutes alone with him...its obvious that he fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down...anyways, stay safe and get you and all your boys home. God Bless Ya'll.

Posted by: SncakpacK on March 27, 2003 08:19 AM

Congratulations and luck in your mission...from Venezuela.
When the war is over just head to Venezuela to finish Saddam´s Clon.

Posted by: UGE on March 27, 2003 08:45 AM

don`t you think that it is a stupped war and you should be in your home with your parents and friend? I think that it is all terrible. I hope evething finish soon and no more people get injuries. Good luck for all from a brzilian girl that is againt the war!!!

Posted by: monica on March 27, 2003 10:25 AM

Hi will,
a great GOOD LUCK from Italy!

We are with you all!


Posted by: Eros on March 27, 2003 10:29 AM

Heloooo brother,

I hope you're fine, I'm in brazil, and found your site in CNN web page. I don't now type in english very weel, but just write to say good luck, and I thing the war is necessary to end the tiranical time in our world.

God bless al you in the war.

Will Robson campos
Brasil, goiânia-Goiás

Posted by: Will Robson on March 27, 2003 10:31 AM

No eres más tonto porque no entrenas chaval
Maybe if you train a little more, you could be the dumbest

Posted by: the mentor on March 27, 2003 11:11 AM

Will, Thanks for doing what you're doing, so we can continue to do what we're doing. Live free. Look forward to seeing your book on the New York best seller list someday. Godspeed to you all.

Posted by: Tammy on March 27, 2003 11:32 AM

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate all you guys/gals are doing. I'm grateful we have people like you and that President Bush is in office. I can't understand why the so called "Hollywood Elite" are okay to see the damage that Saddam does and will continue.....until...we kick his *#@! Most of all- I just want you to know you have all of our support and we pray for you night and day. Bless you all.

Posted by: Kathy on March 27, 2003 11:37 AM

Hi Will,
you're doing a great job down there.
Don't give up.
Here in italy many people are proud of you

Take care.

Posted by: nick on March 27, 2003 11:44 AM

Will, I applaud all the men and women that are willing to fight for our freedom and to try and free other countries. Yes, Old man winter has gone into hiding here in Wisconsin. (Yes I am from that wonderful state of WI. Where you can get frost bit in the morning and sunburned in the afternoon) Weatherman says he is going to try and sneak out again this weekend but I hope they are wrong. I will pray for your safe return home along with the rest of the men and women there.
Stay safe

Posted by: Sherry on March 27, 2003 12:00 PM

Hi Will,
We don't know each other and I found your site looking for any and all info on this war. I don't know what news reports you guys see from home,but know there are more supporters than protestors. There are always going to be people who think every problem can be solved by talking.
Wise people know that just ain't so.
Keep on writing so we all know back home what the real deal is! Stay safe and know there are millions back home praying for all of you.

CJ from Massachusetts

Posted by: CJ on March 27, 2003 12:45 PM


I can not believe I am posting this because I know you have way more than you possible have time to read what with helping liberate Irag, finding Saddam Hussein, and taking care of your website to help keep America informed; however, I just wanted to say thank you for putting a human face on what until now has appeared to me to be an unhuman war. Your words are eloquent while still being humorous and touch a place in me that I didn't think this war was going to be able. Good luck in all endeavors and know that I along with thousands other are praying daily.


Posted by: Emily on March 27, 2003 12:54 PM

Hi Will....
Ran across your site through the Venezuelan newspaper....take care and try to come back safe to your loved ones!!!!

Posted by: Simone on March 27, 2003 02:22 PM

I am a 23 year old Air Force brat who was born at Elsworth AFB in South Dakota. I have numerous family members and friends in the military. But, as you know...military friends end up becoming family. A lot of them are over in the desert right now and some more are leaving in the next couple of weeks. I work next to a reserve base that has been activated since the war. Everytime I run into a military member, I thank them. I thank them because they love their country and the people in it enough to put their lives on the line.

Today I read an article about an Iraqi woman who waved to coailition troops and was hung...I thank everyday we live in a world where if we feel a certain way about something we are FREE to show it. If it was not for selfless people like you and the selfless people before you, we would not be the country we are today.

THANK YOU and take care of each other. We love you all!

With Undying Gratitude and Support for Our Troops,
Michelle Palmer

Posted by: Michelle on March 27, 2003 03:18 PM

I am a 23 year old Air Force brat who was born at Elsworth AFB in South Dakota. I have numerous family members and friends in the military. But, as you know...military friends end up becoming family. A lot of them are over in the desert right now and some more are leaving in the next couple of weeks. I work next to a reserve base that has been activated since the war. Everytime I run into a military member, I thank them. I thank them because they love their country and the people in it enough to put their lives on the line.

Today I read an article about an Iraqi woman who waved to coailition troops and was hung...I thank everyday we live in a country where if we feel a certain way about something we are FREE to show it. If it was not for selfless people like you and the selfless people before you, we would not be the country we are today.

THANK YOU and take care of each other. We love you all!

With Undying Gratitude and Support for Our Troops,
Michelle Palmer

Posted by: Michelle on March 27, 2003 03:21 PM

All the best to you and yours. Come home safely!

Posted by: lexplex on March 27, 2003 03:24 PM

Hey Will, I'm posting a lot because I'm at work and all I have been doing the last couple days is faxing junk...I have 1,100 to do...but you know what...I'm grateful that I am alive to work. If its possible....I WOULD FIGHT WITH YOU GUYS. Seriously, I may be just a Canadian 21 year old gurl...but I have NO problem dying for America...your our brother. Anyways, continue kicking those F***ERS A$$'s. Gob Bless!

Posted by: SNACKPACK on March 27, 2003 03:25 PM


i'm an italian civilian man. Here in Italy one day people is with Usa, another day against. I don't know if all this is right, but i know that mens like you are fighting for the future of my sons. Thank you, thank you, thank you.....
I wish u return "without any new holes in your body"....


Posted by: fabrizio on March 27, 2003 03:27 PM

Hi Will,

I'm writing from BRAZIL!!!
We'll be praying for all of you!


Posted by: Alessandra on March 27, 2003 03:34 PM

check this out

Posted by: ghandoo on March 27, 2003 04:59 PM


I just got turned on to blogs while watching CNN a few days ago - never heard of them before. Your rants have been interesting- I'm hooked. Thanks for the bio.

Keep up the good work over there and stay safe!

Karen, Kenosha, WI
P.S. It's still cold here in lovely WI ... they're talking about sub-32 again!

Posted by: Karen on March 27, 2003 07:47 PM

Well, I've read your entries before I read your bio. (see Ooops)

You want nice weather? You're going on a nationwide 'tour' upon your return? Well, Will, you "NEED" to come see Tucson, Arizona.(see CONVEINENTLY MY HOME)

I offered you a homecooked meal and an evening with an enthusiastic 7 year old ALL AMERICAN boy in another comment to you. My son would out talk even you, Will, and you would be surprised what a freedom-loving, troop-supporting kid he is. I was totally serious, and now that I see you actually plan to do some homeland travel, the offer is completely open. (see PLEASE CONSIDER IT)



Posted by: Judi Eckes - Tucson, Arizona on March 27, 2003 10:50 PM

Hey will! I always follow the situation on Iraq even thoug I'm not american, but I'm with you all. Destroy them!

Posted by: simona on March 28, 2003 03:38 AM

I'm not American.... but I'm with you !!!
God bless you and your and my brothers there in IRAQ.

Ciao from Italy

Posted by: Manu on March 28, 2003 06:51 AM

Por que vcs americanos sao tao arrogantes e prepotentes, achando que vai levar liberdade para o povo iraquiano?

Posted by: Renato on March 28, 2003 07:36 AM

Hi Will,
This is a Brazilian journalist writing from São Paulo. During the Gulf War, I was living in North Dakota as an exchange student. I made a lot of great friends at school, people I still love. My host family was really nice to me and I miss them a lot. The point is that I experienced how the news and propaganda about the war would get to the young people. That's why I don't get surprised about the way American people react towards the war. It couldn't be different. Today, I am 30 years old and I am watching everything from a distance. From here, I have it very clear that the whole thing is about oil, not about freedom -- otherwise the US would send troops to so many countries in Africa, for instance -- and it hurts so much when I see a pricture of a six year-old Iraq child shot by American sodiers and beeing buried. It also hurts when I see those scaerd look in American soldiers face when they are caputered by Iraq soldiers. Is it worth fighting for oil? Oh, then you will say "Saddam is a dictator". I agree. The world still has a lot of them. But only Iraq gets bombed (just in case you've forgotten, we are all God's sons, including Iraq people. And right now, those innocent civils need our payers more than anybody else). I hope you get home safely as I hope that no more children get killed by you troops and bombs, as it happened in Japan less than 50 years ago. Take care, kid. God bless you and you family.

Posted by: Aline on March 28, 2003 08:59 AM

Hello Will,

I am brazilian , I am totally against the war with civil vitims, but i know that it is impossible, so I wish you come back soon, like you wrote: "I will come home soon, and without any new holes in my body"

Take care, and thanks for all you are doing!

God bless you and the World.


Posted by: Carol on March 28, 2003 09:16 AM

Are you sure you're not my brother..just kidding, but you tell stories just like my brothers and I do so I find them very entertaining. Kep your spirits high and come home safe. Pass on a HOOAH to the rest of the troops you run into their from a guy in Korea who's proud to have the best fighting for us and praying everyday you all make it back to your families safely.

Out here.

Posted by: SSG VanKirk on March 28, 2003 09:16 AM

I came upon this site while reading on the happenings of the war on CNN. I would like to thank you, along with all the fellow military that is working so hard to maintain our Freedom in America. Please know that there are many in the states that are supporting what you are doing and praying for your safe return. May God be with all of you at this time.


Posted by: Janna on March 28, 2003 09:53 AM

Hey Will! Glad to hear you are doing well. Please continue to take care of yourself and your soldiers. Know that we are all behind you and wishing for a swift victory, and a safe return home.

For the readers:

If you feel like you need to do something for our soldiers but feel powerless to help (like I do!), please check out and adopt a soldier! It’s perhaps the best thing that we can do for our troops.

Also check out and sign their petition. For every 1,000 signatures they receive, they will send a care package to our troops.

FYI – I do not work for either of these organizations, nor do I receive ANYTHING for recommending them. I just care about our troops, want to make sure they have everything they need, and want them to know how much we love and support them.

Posted by: Alisha on March 28, 2003 10:39 AM

Hi there Will!!!!!

It's really great to read all these things that you are doing over there. Always keep in touch with all these people that are following your life (part now of your bio!). Keep always your courage. Be sure that we have always a prayer for all of you. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Receive a kiss from Mexico.

Posted by: PUPE on March 28, 2003 11:46 AM


I came across your letters today and wanted to let you know what an enjoyment I had reading them. You are a wonderful writer who is full of humor. What makes your letters so humorous to me is that the events that you describe are actually done in the military. I came across an article the other day, that the writer was active duty and was asking permission to destroy some paperwork and his supervisor responded back to him that it was alright to destroy the documents as long as you had made triplicate copies of them prior to destroying them. Don't you just love it. I know that when I was part of the military family, I kept thinking where do these people come from and where do they get these crazy ideas. Anyhow, I just wanted to write to you and say thank you for serving our country. You and all the other troops are always in my prayers and thoughts.

Posted by: Tanya on March 28, 2003 01:22 PM


Posted by: SnackpacK on March 28, 2003 01:59 PM

Imagine there's no countries
it isnt hard to do
nothing to kill or die for
and no religion too
imagine all the people living life in PEACE

I cant imagine a more mistaken war.I do not agree with Bush&Blair&Aznar as other millions and millions of people around the world.
I wish to you and to all the soldiers fighting in Iraq to get back home safe and healthy as soon as possible.

I cant understand why your smart bombs, when fail their target, fall only in the middle of crowded markets instead of empty fields!!

Posted by: Raffaele on March 28, 2003 02:54 PM

If god brings you to it.. he will bring you through it...

My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you fighting for our country!

God Bless!

Posted by: Jody on March 28, 2003 03:59 PM

Hi Will!

Thanks for writing this, I know this was originally for your family and friends, but now, it's for all of us.

Keep in touch, we pray for you daily. Stay safe and brave!

By the way ... you're a great writer, very talented!!! with lots of humor ... :)

If you feel down over there .. just remember you have all our support, thoughts and prayers.



Mags, from Mexico.

Posted by: Mags on March 28, 2003 09:27 PM

I've been reading your site, and everybody's replies. I don't know how you guys can do have the courage to put your lives on the line; even for the ungrateful back here who take their freedoms for granted. This is something that has to be done, the world cannot afford another Hitler, and Sodamn Insane's little reign has gone on long enough. Please don't take a minute longer to get home! When you get back, take a sidetrip up to Montana, and we can go to Moose's Saloon! If anybody there needs someone to write to, please give them my email.

Thank you again for defending my freedoms!!!

Posted by: Dianne on March 28, 2003 10:18 PM

Hi Will
I am from Venezuela and I really love your country. I lived there, in Washington DC for several years. My best wishes for you and your fellows soldiers. The world cannot afford continue with a crazy like Saddam Hussein. Get my suport and keep always your courage. Good luck and God bless you.

Posted by: Adolfo on March 28, 2003 11:33 PM

Hi Will. I am a Canadian 21/Female and I just finished reading your bio. It was great to hear that you still have a sense of humor considering what is going on right now. I am not Anti anything; mostly just wanting for the Iraqi people to live in freedom not under a dictator that could care less about his people. I finished reading a great book "Fallen Angels" by Walter Dean Myer and I really do wish you the best and I hope that you come back alive and safe. Good luck and kick some butt...

Ps: I truly do think that you are an angel for what you are doing. =)

Posted by: robyn on March 29, 2003 02:13 AM

I cant believe that almost everybody over there is supporting this war thinking that the US soldiers are defending our freedom!!! Dont you know that ONU and the Security Consel didnt approved this INVASION you're doing on Iraque? Bush just wants Iraque's oil and to move on belic industry, what would make US economy increase (you know that you're in a crise, right?)
Im totaly against this war and im sure that if you understand the real reasons behind it, you will be a pacifist too.


Posted by: Renata on March 29, 2003 09:16 AM

Hey Will!! You don't know me and I just happened to stumble onto this page recently, but it really makes me proud to have people like you over there and keepping spirits up!!! I myself am 24 and have never exprienced anything like this. Keep your head up and know we are praying for you. When you get back you could bring your nation wide tour to Alabama!!ahah Be safe and come home soon!! Robin

Posted by: Robin on March 29, 2003 09:45 AM

From the bottom of this CANADIAN females heart... THANK YOU!!!

I believe in this cause, "FREEDOM" for the Iraqi people!

I pray for all you brave men and women, your families and the honorable Iraqi Citizens everyday.

I saw the most touching footage today on CNN, an older Iraqi women kissed a soldier on the cheek... that said it all for me!

Thank you for fighting for the world's future and my 10 year old son's future.



Posted by: Melanie on March 29, 2003 11:06 AM

Hey Will, 3/29/03

Just a lil note from louisiana to let you know that i think your rants are great. I just found the site today and i plan on coming back on a regular basis. You're a great writer.
I also wanna tell you that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Stay safe, and hurry home.

Love you all

Posted by: dora on March 29, 2003 12:35 PM

Will I just want to say thank you for doing all you do and I want you to know as a 29 year old myself I am glad that not all people my age have forgotten that we all should do what we can to protect our freedom. I try to do my part by praying all our soliders come home safe and hope your job becomes unnecessary one day, but I know as long as it is I am glad you are doing it

Posted by: Mary on March 29, 2003 03:56 PM

My english is bad, but i believe that the most important is the inside in the soul and your words touch me, so...sorry my mistakes, but believe me, i hope in better days for all...

Kiss in your heart,

Posted by: San on March 29, 2003 06:35 PM

Howdy Grunt,

I want to personally apologize for not dealing with this ... well I suppose I can't say that here. I was there in 90-91, come to think of it I was there in 79-80 too, same problem, diferent people. Incidentally I can DEFINETLY relate to the going to MOPP 4 with SCUDS inbound and the Patriots firing. OBTW Thank you Royal Marines.

Anyway, keep your head down, and your powder dry. And blow up that damned crossed swords abomination in Baghdad.

Good Luck and Good Hunting.


CWO USN (ret)

Posted by: Bruce Collins on March 29, 2003 06:38 PM

I just came across your site today and i will visit often. Thank you to all the soldiers and their families for fighting for us. Just yesterday, me and my son were out. He is 4 years old. We drove by some flags and he says" Look mommy. Thats an American flag."And i said yes it was and i told him that that flag also stood for our freedom. And he said "I know that mommy." With a smile. Thank you for doing what your doing and remember that our hearts and prayers are with you all and your families. Come home soon!!! God Bless America!!!

Posted by: York Family on March 29, 2003 07:31 PM


We don't know you but believe us when we say you OUR in our hearts and Prayers.
We believe in this war and this country, We are VERY PROUD to live in a country to be able to do what we want and this countrys freedom.
We want to thank you (and all the others) for defending this GREAT country.
We wish you nothing but good things.

Posted by: Liz and Rob Ironside on March 29, 2003 08:01 PM




Posted by: charlene on March 30, 2003 12:09 AM

Hello Will,
I'm glad I ran across this site because I'm still laughing at the mullet comment. I'm from a small town near Pensacola Florida and the mullets run rampent over here. The tired 80's harstyle is usually accompanied by a "primer" colored Camaro, an AC/DC shirt and dirty bare feet. It seems to be the consensus that you're an entertaining writer and I'm sure I will become another one of your I have several friends who are over there doing what your doing and I pray for their safe return as well as yours. Keep us laughing and be safe!

Posted by: Kathy on March 30, 2003 12:56 AM

Heya Will,

Just wanted to say that it's awesome to see that "green boys" can have a sense of humor while waiting to go into battle (and almost certain lost of internet connection, that would suck royally). Just make it outta there with all yer appendages in tact :-)

Definately gonna have to put a plug for your site at Zhrodague ( Hope all you guys get back here in one piece (with pulse) and are able to fully enjoy a nice cold beer an a sammich (and other things that can't be spelled out in the event that children are reading yer blog too). If it gets tough just think of it as Duck Hunt without the ducks ;-)

Posted by: Antimind on March 30, 2003 04:26 AM

from japan wakayama

Posted by: yun on March 30, 2003 05:56 AM

Dear Will,
God bless you .
I will send my love to you .

Posted by: yukako on March 30, 2003 06:03 AM

Hi will. It was impressed message. Sorry I'm not good at English but I just hope all soldiers safety and world's peace.

Posted by: shima on March 30, 2003 06:58 AM

Hi Will, is Sunday with the beatiful sun, but is impossible don't think in the pain of the all... so I will say some words from a great writer of my country, P.Coelho:
" The world is the hands of that have courage to dream and to run the risk to live your dreams".
I believe in your courage...
Kiss in your heart...
San, from Brazil

p.s. sorry, my english is not good!!!

Posted by: Sandra on March 30, 2003 08:33 AM

I stumbled upon this site and am glad that I took the time to check it out further. It's so good to see that you can find some humor in your life while doing the difficult job that you are doing. I am glad that your spirits are up. Thats really important.
You see, I am prior military, ARNG 82-88, and even though I never got the chance to be in the position that you are in, I commend you and the many others that are out there defending our country. If there are any others out there who need cheering up just pass along my email address. (
May God Bless each and every one out there. My prayers are with you all. I pray for your safe return back to the states. The best of luck to you all and KICK ASS!! GO GET EM!!

Posted by: Jeanie on March 30, 2003 09:00 AM

dear will

As I find your site yahoo japan(news),
I come here.

please keep your helth.
I hope you go back united states early.

from Tokyo

Posted by: super ninja on March 30, 2003 09:06 AM

Hi Will...Just wanted to say Hello....I am a Mom....who is 53...and live in Florida...I have a 4 yr old boy still at home...and 3 other children..(adult now) on their own...
I wanted to thank you not only for your courage and bravery for being where you are....but also for taking the time to inform us...which does bring us so much closer to you and all of the others serving there....
I cannot tell you in words...or gifts...what it means to me and my know that you and the others in the military.... are serving our country...defending all of us.....
Just know and remember....that for every moment all of you guys are there...
(U.S. and non U.S. troops supporting us)...
somewhere....a good thought...a wish...
lots of love and a prayer are being sent.....
Looking to hear more from you....
God Speed Will....

Posted by: Irene on March 30, 2003 10:05 AM

Dear Will

I just happened to know the your site today on jananese site
I've been reading your site, and verybody's replies.

I pray for their safe return as well as yours in my heart on tokyo Japan.

But we can see same sky and future.

Posted by: duca on March 30, 2003 10:21 AM

hi will'
my family and I enjoyed reading your bio very much. I had read your e-mails before you wrote your bio and was curious about you. Thank you for the update. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and you men daily, such brave and honorable men. My darling nephew will be enlisting in June and if the war is still on I guess he will be shipped over there. Keep my e-mail add. and let us know if we can send you anything, we will be only too happy to help in any way. Love and prayers to you and your men from South Carolina.

Posted by: ;maryanne on March 30, 2003 10:59 AM

Hey Will, Like I mentioned before I'm from Toronto but I am staying in Marietta,GA for a few mom called me the other night and told me not to go around telling people that I am Canadian because aparently there are some Americans going around shooting Canadians because of their lack of support for the U.S.
That totally freaked me out and I hope that you guys are pissed at Canadians for not being that supportive...I know that Canadians would definately die for America and Freedom, I know I would in a heart beat. I am actually ashamed to be Canadian right now. I would do anything to become an American. Don't get me wrong, I love Canada and all it has done for me...I am just a little disappointed in our government. Anyways, please write another entry soon...your making me nervous. Continue kicking butt and know that Canadian's TRUELY appreciate all that you guys are doing and that we support you 200% even though our Prime Minister is an asshole. God Bless, we love you guys. Come home soon.

Posted by: Charlene on March 30, 2003 11:46 AM



Posted by: Charlene on March 30, 2003 11:51 AM

Hi Will,

My husband is in the Air Force , he has been in for 13 years. (No, he has not received any orders, yet) My thoughts and prayers go out to those Wives, Husbands, children and parents (families) of those we lost during these operations. For those that are station or temporaraly station overseas know that we support you and we want you to come home safe soon.

Take care

Posted by: Sherry on March 30, 2003 01:10 PM

Hi, Will. I am Japanese who is now living in US.
Your site was mentioned in Yahoo Japan's Front Page. That is how I found your site.
And guess what? My husband and I went to USD from 95 to 97! Do you miss Vermillion? Probably not, huh? (^0^)
I'm not US citizen, but US is where I've decided to life for a long time. Thank you for serving US.

Posted by: TOMOKO on March 30, 2003 01:24 PM


Again echoed you do not know me, but you and the other troops are risking your lives for me and my family.

I do not personally know anyone in the military. But in reading your post I now feel that I do, so KEEP SAFE.

We are behind you 100%.


Posted by: Betty on March 30, 2003 06:25 PM


Thanks for your humor and bravery. And to all who voluntarily joined The United States Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and National Guard (No preference given to branch - HONEST!) I commend you and am astounded by your courage and resolve. I wish you well and will pray for your safety and quick return.

I would also like to extend my appreciation to those serving here at home in support of the front lines. Do not think you are forgotten because you are not in the thick of battle in a foreign land. Without you, the battles and war could not be won.


Posted by: Mary on March 30, 2003 07:42 PM

Hi Will,

We're in Calgary Alberta Canada (please don't insert boo or hiss here) and wanted to let you know....and maybe you can let those brave soldiers (yes you AND the others WITH you ~teasing~) know that MANY, MANY people in Canada support you. We know you're only doing what so many have not had the guts to do. For that we pray for your safety (of all the Coalition forces) and hope you can make it up to Calgary for the Calgary Stampede - The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth - beginning on July 4 - coincidence? I think not!

Anyway, please keep your head down and get back to your loved ones.

Cheers & Blessings,

Dale & Dale Turner

PS...thank you. :oD

Posted by: Dale & Dale Turner on March 30, 2003 07:44 PM

I guess I am another civilian writing to you. I am 18 and I just wanted you to know how much We (as young people) appreciate what you guys and gals do for us to protect us and everyone else. I dont know about others my age but I always saw war as something of the past and did not think that I would ever be alive thorugh a war. Just goes to show how nieve we can be huh? I dont know how to express my gratitude to you all out there that serve for us. You truely are an inspiration and heros for what you do for this country and its people. I believe we can do anything and everything through Christ and believe that we will come through this situation on top if we keep God number one. Please be careful in what you do and thank you for doing what you believe is right. Remember that we all are praying for you and pray Gods blessings upon you. May we all realize that we are the Land of the Free and the home of the BRAVE..thanks to people like you. God Bless,

Posted by: Liz on March 30, 2003 08:09 PM

Hi Will,
I have been following your letters and enjoy, some of it seems familiar, the Army routine. The images on CNN are really overwhelming and the deceptions the Iraqi government asks their military(and civilians) to employ in order to try to kill US and UK soldiers saddens me but I hope that you all take the precautions you must in order to survive and carry out your mission.
At church the list of military people in our parish who have been deployed gets longer, so it is hitting home that this is a war with all that that will entail. I hope and pray for the safety of all of you. Hope that you are able to keep writing your letters. Oh, I notice a lot of homes and businesses are displaying the flag-I am also.
God Bless and protect you all,

Posted by: Barry Brown on March 30, 2003 09:03 PM

Hi Wil
I am a girl from Singapore and i came to your site through a friend who found it on a cnn report. I'd just like to tell you that the world is praying for all of you. Yes, people of the world are praying that all of you soldiers who risk your lives fighting for human rights will return to your homes safe and sound. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers. We respect what you have been doing for your country, for the people of iraq and no less the world. May God shine his light upon you if you ever feel fearful or lonely. God bless and best wishes.

Posted by: daphne on March 30, 2003 11:57 PM

Dear Will
Ikow this site from japanese site and I came.
I am a japanese highschool student.
I want to tell you two thing.First of all,I hate Bush.Because Bush started Iraq War.Many Japanese are against this war.Because war killls many people. Second I hope you not died.I want to know more things about this war from you.I pray for you can return home healthy.
Verry sorry my English may be wrong

Posted by: yuta on March 31, 2003 01:43 AM

It is praying that this war will end early also for one day.

Posted by: michi on March 31, 2003 01:56 AM

It is praying that this war will end early also for one day.

Posted by: michi on March 31, 2003 01:56 AM


Rock on!! You are GREAT,man!Humor is SURVIVAL!

For the rest of the opinionated world that has no BALLS to fight for a greater cause,but sit back like PUSSIES and judge AMERICANS for wanting OIL and MONEY and WORLD DOMINANCE..



GO KISS HIS ASS!! Then you'll come squealing like a pig back here wondering what the hell you were thinking...

Better SADDAM and his regime now than the next 200,000 people he will kill and torture next.

oh,, more comment.....
Which country in the whole world is the biggest melting pot of different nationalities,religions, and world humanitarian aid,relief and monetary support?
(insert F---ING DUHHHHH HERE!)

WILL, and all of you overseas and abroad who fight for our BEAUTIFUL FREE UNITED STATES, our children and future grandchildren will reap the rewards.

To my wonderful husband SARGENT MICHAEL LINDSEY in the Texas Army National Guard , HOOAH!!!

Posted by: Rhonda Lindsey ,RN on March 31, 2003 02:59 AM

Hi Will,

You don't know me.I was known your HP by a news paper in Japan.I'm just student who don't have power which to be quited the war.But,We are in behind and protect you.God bless you.
Take cere of yourself.

Posted by: Chika on March 31, 2003 04:58 AM

Hi Will! I read the paper it says that solders could eat only one meal per day now. That's AWFUL!!!!! I will come to Amman to be a volunteer in early April. You do your best, and I'll do my best :-)


Posted by: Nori on March 31, 2003 08:00 AM

This is Scott Stevens, Tiffany and Rob's friend, used to run into you occassionally at Praire Life Center? I just found out that you're in the middle east fighting those rotten bastards. Hats off to you. You're the first person we actually know that has been called up. We'll certainly be praying for you and keeping you in our thoughts. Words can express our gratitude for you and your counterparts' efforts over there. It sickens me to see the bleeding heart idiots over here protesting...oh well...they'll all time.
Good luck to you, and God speed on your return!
Scott and Karen

Posted by: Scott Stevens on March 31, 2003 10:02 AM

My wife is at Camp Wolf. She is a medical technician with the Air Force. She got there sometime around March 10th.

Posted by: Marcus on March 31, 2003 10:20 AM

Will, Your parents must be very proud. They raised a smart, witty and loving son. You made me smile after reading your bio and journal. Believe me I needed a laugh. You make me proud to be an American. Be strong, be carefull and come back home soon. You are in my prayers. Mrs. Kathy Maniaci- Rochester, NY

Posted by: KATHY on March 31, 2003 10:37 AM

I just found your website. Don't know if you know this but there is a link to it off of I thought that was cool. But anyway. I have a person that is very close to me over there right now too. He has been over there for about a month and is starting to get depressed and all that good stuff that happens while you are over there. Every time I write I tell him to keep his spirits and head held high for he deserves it. With you being over there and understanding the situatation what can I do to help him?
Love your webiste and I am putitng it into my favorites so that I can check on it daily.
I will tell you the samething.
Keep your head and spirits held high. You deserve it. Actually all of you soldiers do. Thank you for everything that you are doing for us over there.
Prayer and wishes are with you all,

Posted by: Angela on March 31, 2003 10:55 AM

Hi Will ,

I enjoy reading your letters . You made me laugh when I thought I could not do any thing but cry .

I have already lost a friend just a few days ago .... I pray that " Please god give them the strength that they will need to bring them home safe "

Thank you to all for the sacrifices you make to give us the freedom we have .

God Bless you .

Houston , Texas

Posted by: Kim on March 31, 2003 01:34 PM

Dear Will, I wish that you're be ok ...
Take care...
Kiss in your heart...

Posted by: Sandra on March 31, 2003 03:26 PM

Dear Will;

Your field of Merry Maids must keep safe, you don't want to come home with a glowing complexion. Remember, here in Texas we are so very proud of each and everyone of you. Keep safe and keep updating your site when can. God Bless you

Debby from Texas

Posted by: debby on March 31, 2003 04:33 PM

Hey Will!
Hope you are safe along with all your brothers and sisters there with you. I have a nephew in the Marines who is there, but I haven't seen him since he was a little boy, so I don't know what unit he is with....
I just pray for him daily, as well as all the rest of you over there fighting for freedom. Take care and come home safely.

Posted by: Pam on March 31, 2003 05:35 PM

Hi Will-

I have a friend who is Special Forces, and he's a crazy cat (one time I thought he was going to throw me over a balcony after I "snuck up" on him - he knew i was behind him - and covered his eyes with my hands. He didn't like that.)... My dad was at different times in his Army career MP, recruiter (boo, hiss... poor guys...), Operations NCO, and who knows what all else, and HE'S a crazy cat, and I know tons of men from my younger years who were in the Army, and they're all crazy cats. Looks like it's part of the job description, eh!?

Anyway, keep your chin up and watch your back, yo.


Oh, and I wouldn't worry about being single for too much longer if I was you. Men in uniform are becoming fashionable again. *wink* HOOAH!

Posted by: Rhasti on March 31, 2003 06:24 PM

Hi Will! ( I have a cousin in Ala. named Will!)

I just wanted to say ...
But, most of all ...
~~ THANK YOU!!! ~~ ;^)

Posted by: ~ Jane V. ~ on April 1, 2003 02:29 AM

Hi Will! you don't know me, and i'm sorry for my english but I come from Italy. I know about your Web-site because every day, a important Italian journal "Il Giornale" publish your letter. I love Your country and I would like to be an American citizen. I wanna thank you and all the American troops for all the things that you guys are doing also for us (italian). I would like to do something to be near you, but I don't know what, i hanged up out side of my balcony a big American Flag and I'm proud Of it. I will prey for your safe and i hope you will be soon at home. if maybe a day you will decided to come to visit Italy you just contact me!


Good, bless America

Take Care; Rossella

Posted by: Rossella on April 1, 2003 04:33 AM

My thanks to you Will, and everyone else in the Military.

Posted by: Margaret on April 1, 2003 06:26 AM

I hope peace will come soon.
Could you post a picture of you here?
Take care.

Posted by: Nina Brasil on April 1, 2003 12:54 PM

keep up your sunny smile, watch yourself and come home safily !!

Posted by: carl on April 1, 2003 02:14 PM

What a man!!!!:)

Posted by: Nancy on April 1, 2003 05:49 PM

What a man!!!!:)

Posted by: Nancy on April 1, 2003 05:49 PM


Did our tour back in 60s. Up to you young 'uns this time. Keep your nob down, troop. Y'all get back to the world as soon as possible - whole!

Posted by: Long In The Tooth Vet on April 1, 2003 06:39 PM

Howdy Will...
Hope you're ok and that the sand traps have not eaten you. You need to come to New Mexico when ya get back. That way, you can enjoy decent weather and good drinking without having to worry about Navy Showers and SCUDS over your head. Hell...I'll even give ya' a tour of NM and AZ and take you to the BEST bar I have seen in both states. Take care and god's speed.

Posted by: Kat on April 1, 2003 06:45 PM

hi Will
My name is Kisha, 28yr old single mom from Buffalo, NY. I was given your site from another gal on another list I'm on who has also adopted a soldier to care for from the 507th division. Thank you for all that you and everyone of you do for us. I am so grateful for the freedom you all give us. You have a great sense of humour and I enjoyed reading about your travels. Keep your chin up - My son and I are praying for all of your safe returns and success.

Posted by: Kisha on April 1, 2003 10:03 PM

Take good care of yourself and eachother...I had a dream that Sadaam was dreams have almost always come true....opperitive word here-ALMOST-so I hope Im right this time....God bless you Will...and all the other guys/girls kicking butt.

Posted by: Charlene aka Snackpack on April 2, 2003 08:26 AM

Hey Will, Or should I just address you as Captain Courageos or maybe by your new pet name of Stud Muffin?? That's right, Stud, not Scud. You have been officially adopted to be our poster boy here at my office. Yes, as far out as it might seem your our new Mel Gibson. When you get home date all the Scarlett's (aka) don't touch my hair, or mess up my make up type girls. Men in uniform are HOT!! If you ever get a chance post a picture so we can put you on our bulletin board. Also if you need anything just give us an address and we will try and send it to you. Now don't be asking for Pamela Anderson, she never would fit in a shoe box.

God Bless you and everyone over there. We want you to come home safe.

debby from Texas

Posted by: debby on April 2, 2003 08:47 AM

I admire everyone who is completely selfless and fighting for what America is all about. Thank you for being so brave!! There are some in the States that may not support what is going on....please know they are the minority!! I am honored that so many men and women are willing to stand up for America and her people. I will be honored to teach my son that the real heroes are members of our Armed Forces. We have a candle burning in our church for the troops. We are going to continue burning it until the troops are home. Hopefully it will not burn too much longer. I offer you my support, sincere thanks, and unlimied prayers. Please come home safely, troops. Again, THANK YOU!!!! May God be will you all and Angels guide you to safety. Always know your strength comes from God and with can do anything.

Love and Respect,

Posted by: Ashley Olson on April 2, 2003 03:24 PM


I just found your site today, and enjoyed reading your "rants" so far. Hope and pray the desert is treating you and all your buddies well.

I have the good fortune of working for a contractor who wargames with the Army. I also enjoy working with folks who portray the OPFOR, so I know a little about what you guys are facing...As a result, I am proud of your desire to serve, and proud of the sacrifice you are willing to make not only for the US, but for a country so far removed from your home. What a humbling thing to know so many will risk so much!

So, be safe; keep writing. Hurry home to Omaha (a city I have some experience with!), and when you get there, have several beers and relax!!

Posted by: Deb on April 2, 2003 03:58 PM

Thanks for taking the time for letting us get to know you. I liked your comment about the mullets in WI. I live here and still can't get my brother to cut his off! come home safe, you are all in our prayers. And thank you.

Posted by: Gina Jo on April 2, 2003 04:36 PM

Hey there , How ít´s going?
I'm a Brazilian civilian .Here in my country which is Brazil I´ve seen people protesting in the streets against the war since it began.Brazilians seem to forget the dictatorship that they presented from 1964 -1985.Many people died here because they were contrary to the system.Although I ´m just 20 democracy in Brazil faces a real problem ...the corruption of most politicians and that obstruct a real social development.
As I ´ve been raised all my life between Brazilian and American customs my point of view about this war in Iraq is that one of the major differences between this and the Gulf War is a rather fundamental one: in the Gulf War, USA acted against a realistic and aggressive threat. Hussein made the first move. This time, USA made that initial move, saying it's preventative. It's sort of ironic... Bush is finishing what his father supposedly started.
I know Saddan is a tyrant and I have been doing terrible atrocities against his own people .But your president decided war over a diplomatic solution.
Some attitudes may be unalterable .I fear it is going to result in the biggest wave of terrorism for many years to come.
May US win this war but the world still have a lot of dictators.And plus these muslins people have no fear about death .I read today that Saddan shout all the muslins to fight in the Jihad.
This sounds madness .But War is history and history is war I read that today in certain point it is the history of humanity is associated with world wars and it always will be in this way.
Well that´s all I think I wrote too much thing.Well if you read it or not it is worth a try.
God Bless you

a Brazilian reader,

Luana Cavalcanti

Posted by: Luana on April 2, 2003 06:54 PM

Hey Will

You making fun of Wiscooooonsin (see styrofoam cheesehead )?! JK.

As far as support, you men/women willing to risk everything for freedom/liberty have tons of support - we just don't have a famous face (or other anatomy part) to get the TV time but the support is real and steadfast, unlike the hearts of most liberals! Keep your head down, protect each other's backs and come home safe to your family!

Posted by: L.V. on April 2, 2003 09:02 PM

Hi Will---I'm 18 and in AFJROTC (i.e., C/LTC Douglas)...yeah, I'm a fly girl, but I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. I was actually looking for a friends posting when I came across yours. I have a ton of friends in all the branches because of ROTC. I have been worried about all of them coming home safely. You definitely have made me remember how important it is to look on the bright side of this whole situation. Thank you for all you do for our country...I hope you seriously kick some rag-head ass.

Posted by: Brittney on April 3, 2003 08:03 PM

Our thoughts are with you from UK. Thanks so much for the really entertaining web site, we all read it .
we send you our prayers.

Posted by: JAL on April 4, 2003 11:03 AM

Hey Will,

Loved reading your rants!!!

Keep safe, we love our troops and want every single one of you to return home safely!!!!

Thank you for fighting for what makes our country so wonderful. THank you for fighting for us and our future!

Posted by: Marina J. on April 4, 2003 01:00 PM


I am a 30 year old mother of one 6 year old boy. You have touch my heart and I want to thank you all for all you are doing to keep our Country Safe. I will keep you in my prayers, along with the rest of the troops over there.
Your writings are amazing, keep up the good work. Big Hugs to you all

Posted by: Maria E on April 4, 2003 02:42 PM

Will - I'm a 37-year-old mom.

One of my sons is 13 and in Navy Sea Cadets - can't wait to share your Navy Shower experience with him - we're on meters - should save me some money!!

Take care of yourself. Thank you for your service. - God bless all our soldiers.

Posted by: Marie H on April 4, 2003 03:29 PM

I just want to say that you are a wonderful writer Will...I'm glad I happened upon this site. I'll be praying for you and all of our men and women overseas. And it's snowing here in Madison, Wisconsin today.

Posted by: Betsy on April 4, 2003 06:47 PM

Hi Will
I think your awesome and the bravest soldier of all times! Wherever you are I hope that you are doing well. Do the job, finish soon and come back home. I'll have a beer waiting for you, so better hurry back home! I will be praying for you and I am sending you an Army of Angels to protect you and every one of you! God bless you always, Love Nitza

Posted by: nitza on April 5, 2003 08:50 AM

Hi Will!!!
Soy de Ecuador y aunque todo el mundo diga que es una guerra injustificada creo que lo mejor para el mundo es que Hussein salga del poder...para eso estan ustedes alla!!! Acaben con su damn regime y bring peace to the world!!!
Thanks y de mi parte mucho apoyo para las tropas anglo-norteamericanas

Posted by: Manuel on April 5, 2003 11:24 AM

Hello Will! I just want to say Thank you! You are helping me through one of the toughest times I think I have ever had to face. My fiance', Travis is in the National Gaurd and his unit got their "warning letter" last week. So, we are preparing ourselves for the next step, deployment. Our baby girl, Jaelynn Denee', just turned one March 14th and Travis just returned home from Basic/AIT training on the 13th of March.
I just wanted you to know that even though I hate the fact that Travis is having to go, I am thankful to all of you guys who put your lives on the line everyday for us! We are truelly blessed and I hope that God blesses you and your family and all of the others who are fighting in this war.
Come home safe and soon, okay?
Thanks again!
Susan, Jordan and Jaelynn.

Posted by: Susan Pearce on April 5, 2003 12:49 PM

Hey Will,

Your writing is amazing, proud and positive about a situation that is so difficult. I am glad to know that men of your caliber are watching over us. May God watch over you and all the soldiers. Come home safely.

Posted by: ProudAlaskan on April 6, 2003 12:33 AM

Thank you, my brother (with the 82nd ABN), and everyone else over there fighting for what our country is based on. I will keep you and all the brave men and women over there with you, in my prayers. I hope that this war can end quickly and all of you have a safe return trip home. To quote my ex-marine husband who was over there the first time (Desert Storm)... "Semper Fi!"

God bless all of you!!!

Posted by: Susan on April 6, 2003 11:26 AM

Hi Will,just found your site,would like to say thanks to all of you for what ya'll doing,a GA boy was navy in the 50's,if anyone needs a pen or (e-mail) friend pass this along,take care and may GOD bless all of you.

Posted by: Charlie B. on April 6, 2003 07:43 PM

Will - Your post have touched my heart. A person who can find humor in such dark and dire circumstances is a true treasure and jewel. Your humor and courage warms my heart.

You and your comrades have my full support and every one of my prayers for safety and success. May you all come home to us safe and sound.

Keep the sand out of your pants and your head down.

Posted by: Cheryl on April 6, 2003 09:54 PM

It's fun to read your letters, keep writing. But you might remember that 'ladies' are reading them, too Ü About the Muslim girl who said Americans are against the war? Well, that's only the few Americans who are really, really stupid. The rest of us understand the cause and are in full support of it and you who are there for us. Thank you.

Posted by: Debi on April 6, 2003 10:34 PM

I just want to say that i think its great that you actually take the time to give people a glimpse at your life and have such a great sense of humour.
Susan Taylor

Posted by: susan on April 7, 2003 01:30 AM

Will, God bless you boy. I have never been in the military, but I have a number of friends in the Navy and I know one jarhead Marine (Semper Fi!). You gentlemen keep your heads down, and know that we're all watching you do what you do best. - mh

Posted by: Matt Haley on April 7, 2003 02:26 AM

Hi Will, how are you doing? I am the 19 year old wife of a Marine (Jarhead!), with a baby back home while my husband is in Iraq. I've been stumbling around the net looking at various things that have to do with the military, because I love all branches of the military. My husband is a Marine, my brother is a soldier currently in Korea, and I have many friends in the Navy. I just wanted to let you know that I love what your doing on here. I think that when people read the things you write, it makes them feel better about their servicemen and women being over there. And I dont know if you'll ever read this, but I just wanted to take the time to say that I personally appreciate what your doing for our country, and what all the troops are doing, including my husband. I pray for all of you, and wish everyone a safe return soon. Semper Fi! Melissa Rice

Posted by: Melissa Rice on April 7, 2003 01:17 PM


I grew up an Army brat, then married an infantry soldier (am I masochistic, or what?). My husband's in the Reserves now, but has been activated. He's at Ft. Hood and not going anywhere (as of right now- you know how things change).
My father was in Desert Storm, and my husband was in Desert Strike (1996). There's no possible way for me to truly understand what y'all are going/went through, but I'm impressed that you are keeping a good attitude about it. Any time I need to explain to someone how idiotic the military can be, I just direct them to this site.
Thank you for doing the dangerous jobs so we civilians don't have to. And always keep safe.

Posted by: Laurissa on April 7, 2003 01:58 PM

It's inspiring to see your humor and attitude about a subject that's so scary and unfamiliar to me. My definition of a Hero is every one of those men and women next to you fighting for our freedom. You signed on to give the rest of us freedom and I thank each and every one of you every day for that. My prayers go out to all of you for a safe and speedy return. Thank you for being a HERO:)

Posted by: Sheila on April 7, 2003 02:30 PM

Hello from New Jersey! Enjoyed reading your posts. Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you personally from the bottom of my heart. I am following all the events daily and cannot believe that we have the opportunity to see first-hand what our armed forces are dealing with. You are all AWESOME. I pray for all of you daily and for your safe return home to your loved ones. Please give my regards to all of your comrades. God Bless and keep you safe!

Posted by: Denise on April 7, 2003 05:43 PM

Hello from winter wonderland, a.k.a. Omaha, Nebraska! The landscape is glistening with snow as we speak....and it should be 70 degrees by Friday....typical Omaha weather.... :)

Just happened on your posts tonight and thought I'd give a shout out to ya from home. You've heard it a thousand times I'm sure, but 1001 couldn't hurt....thanks to you and all our soldiers for everything you do! God bless and keep you safe until you are able to come home again!

p.s. Thirty ain't all that bad.... ;)

Posted by: Brenda on April 7, 2003 11:44 PM

Hi Will, I also happened to stumble upon your site and glad that I did, hey, you answered alot of my questions about how 'some' things are done when there aren't the luxuries of home handy ;-).

I have so much respect and admiration for you and every soldier fighting for freedom, it is an extraordinary thing you do for us and we appreciate it.

I'll be looking forward to another post telling us of your adventures and hey, if you write that book, I'll be in line for a copy!!
Take care!

Posted by: Tammy on April 8, 2003 09:23 AM

Thank you for what you are doing for America! I am writing from Spain and I am not agree with war, but I recognized what you are doing and I have my best wishes for you and for all the soldiers (English and American) who are fighting against Sadam. I think Sadam is bad for the world but there are best options to get him out Irak, perhaps.
I wish you could write a book with all your expiriences in Irak.
Kisses and that God bless you.

Posted by: Vicky on April 8, 2003 03:15 PM

Hi there Will.

Well, it is are a VERY talented writer, and yes, do take it further, publish that book! You can definately make it very far with this talent.

In terms of the does not matter how we from other countries view the war, being just or unjust, it still saddens me to see so many men killed in action.

Please look after yourself, and return to your home safely! My thoughts are with you. I want to see that publication, here in South Africa in future!

All of the best to you and your fellow soldiers. All of you are very brave, serving your Country!

Heinrich Augustyn

Posted by: heinrich on April 9, 2003 04:44 AM

I just wanted to let you know that my dad and my uncle use to be in the military and now they are not cuz they think they are old. I am 17 and I wish I was over their to kill the people that was trying to ruin the US. I just pray for the men and women who are fighting fo rtheir country.

Come back safe everybody and be careful. Please.

Love always

Posted by: Tina on April 9, 2003 08:01 AM

Hi Will,
yesterday I've finally seen what I hoped for theese days. American troops came in Bagdad to discruct Saddam's statue and the whole regime.You're great!!
I wanna thank you for sacrifices and even if i live in my country, in my home ( and home is always sweet home...) I thought from here about you and all soldiers, who fight against a dictator.
i believe that a new day has came after this war, a better day without violence and dictators, as well as in Italy in 1944/45.
I wish you can came back to your home and...that you answer me some days if you can!!!( I know its' not easy! ).

I think of you
God bless all of you.

P.S.I'm from Italy...and i'm not used to speak english, so excuse for errors in the text!!!

Love Love

Posted by: Ilenia on April 10, 2003 05:20 AM

Just in case people didn't notice...Saddam spelt backwards "basically" says... MAD ASS!
(Madd As)
hee hee...I hope that suckers room temperature right now.

God bless you heros...stay safe and come home!

Posted by: Charlene on April 11, 2003 10:48 AM

As a former member if the 3rd I.D. (1/10 F.A. from 1985- 1988) I know how crazy the whole scenario can get, especially when the decision is made to intervene for the good of the free world. When the first gulf war broke out, I was stationed in Greece at a Field Artillery Detachment and could not go to the desert, but all my partners from 3/18 F.A. in Fort Sill got their chance to represent and got a combat patch. Want to let you know that I support your situation 100% because its a difficult job but our soldiers are up for the challenge, and because of this, there's no other place I'd rather live. I've been to Germany and Greece among other places and one thing is clear. Everywhere Americans travel in the world, people want to be like Americans, and enjoy the benefits of democracy and freedom. This is the flip side of the coin. The action that we have taken in Iraq is necessary to refresh the world's memory about checks and balances/ consequences and repercussions. The soldiers make the difference in the quality of life for us. Think I'm kidding, look at the looting and stuff that's going on with the Iraqis new found liberation. Keep on fighting the good fight and come home safe.

Posted by: Bravid on April 11, 2003 02:53 PM

Where is will?

His last post was april 1st...

Posted by: Tamy on April 11, 2003 06:55 PM

I love reading this diary, and hope you all return safe soon.

Posted by: Melanie on April 12, 2003 08:24 PM

I just read all your stuff. You are very funny. I have family in the military(not deployed at this time) and totally respect all of you. God Bless and kick some butt. Thank you so much for your willingness to serve oue county.

Posted by: Cheryl on April 16, 2003 10:51 PM

Oh Will, you are too funny! I just came upon your site tonight, and glad I did! It is now April 17th. I, like a few others are wondering where your at? I mean, we know your busy so we'll all try to be patient, but it's hard!

Thanks to you and all of the wonderful coalition fighting to end such brutality in Iraq as well as putting a big dent in terrorism.

To Will's Mom: Hello from Iowa! May you find comfort in reading all these e-mails, knowing that other's care. Good Luck to you and all your family who are waiting to hear from Will (or maybe catch a glimpse of him on t.v.).

Sincerely, Kim

Posted by: Kim on April 17, 2003 09:24 PM

Yeah, it was so good to see an update post from Will, I will be looking forward to another. It is great to hear first hand what it is like and what you all are going through.

Will, don't know what is worse the sandstorm you are having or the ice storm we just had here in MN....nothing like one extreme to another huh? Do you wish you were back in WI now? :-)

For Will's Mom - Is there a way to get a package off to Will? Do you have his address?

Posted by: Tammy on April 18, 2003 01:22 PM

Hey Will, I came upon your website by chance and just wanted to let you know we are praying for all you guys. Thanks for being there to keep us safe. It's really great to read your rants and hear what's going on from a soldier's point of view. We hope you get to come home soon and get started on your nation wide tour. God Bless

Posted by: Deanna on April 20, 2003 01:21 AM

Hey Will,
I was getting a little worried about ya...thank God your ok...I hope you guys get to go home soon. Stay safe,and stay cool...Happy Easter(I know its late)
God Bless!

Posted by: Charlene on April 21, 2003 08:58 AM

Hi Will
I came across your website while surfing for news. You are a talented writer. Your stories gave me some insight of what our soldiers are going through. My fiancee is also in the Army Nat'l Guard and he's overseas. Me and the kids miss him so much. When he gets a chance to call, he lets me know how he's doing and wants to hear how me and kids are doing. I guess this is a moral boost for him knowing that we are safe and waiting for him to come home. He asks how our 4 month old is doing and if he's walking yet!! LMAO...."yeah, right Dad, he's already driving.....driving me crazee!! Hurry back!!"

But reading your stories gives me an idea what my fiancee is doing. Its always, "Hurry up and Wait!" I realize even you are going through alot of frustration of now knowing what's going on and we at home want to know what's going on next, when you will be coming home, etc. I guess we'll just have to keep on watching CNN and surfing the web for more insightful stories.

By the way, I read alot of the people's comment on your story, start the publications!!!

Hagone' (Navajo Farewell)
p/s....even our Native People are supporting our Military troops that are deployed.

Posted by: Mone on April 22, 2003 03:58 PM

Hi Will;

Have a Happy and Safe Birthday!! Just pretend your at a beach it's Spring know the ocean is around there somewhere you just can't get to it right now. Of course, you will have to try and visualize the bikini babes, but to me it sounds like you have a good enough imagination for this task. Keep up the good work and know that we support you and the rest of our troops over there. If you ever come to Texas I will buy you a birthday beer.

Stay Safe

Posted by: debby on April 23, 2003 04:31 PM

Hi Will,
Like all of the others I found your website while looking for information on Camp Wolf where my son is now. He got there on Friday 4/18. He is part of the 110th maintenance unit out of Massachusetts National Guard. His unit is waiting for their vehicles to arrive via carrier, and according to him not all of their vehicles are on one carrier, but nearly seven, so more than likely his wait at Camp Wolf will be more than the two weeks they have been told. I wonder if his unit will have the same sort of experience your unit had when you went to retrieve your vehicles. I wouldn't be surprised. There really doesn't seem to be reliable information (see communication) between everyone. He too complains that there is nothing to do, and is trying to just cope with what comes next.

Like you I wonder the logic of sending my son's unit out to Kuwait now that the worst is over. What in the hell are they going to need a machinist for anyway?

He mentioned the other day when he called home that the nights are very nice, and prefers to sleep outside. Apparently the tents are overcrowded with troops and their gear. He said he feels perfectly safe where he is. I wonder if he is trying to keep me from worrying(he is our only child) or if it really is true. I pray for the latter.

I also pray that all of our soldiers will come home safely and soon. Keep up with the newsletters, it helps us see a humorous side to an otherwise dreadful situation.

Posted by: Diane on April 23, 2003 07:05 PM

Will, thanks for all you do for our country. I need to let you know though that I wanted to slap you when you said ya'll were all shot, meaning (tired). Dang you, you scared me I thought you meant ya'll were all shot like with guns.

PS. I smoked for 17 years and have been quit for 12. Once you quit you will love it. I am telling you this so you will be encouraged to quit smoking. Thanks for making me laugh, I enjoy your humor. Take Care

Posted by: Angelina on April 24, 2003 02:18 PM

HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: Pupe on April 24, 2003 03:26 PM

...and many more!!! Happy Big 30 Birthday!
this month! :)

WOW, I can't remember when I was that young, I hope you have a great day, as best you can. I'll drink a beer for you!

Take Care

Posted by: Angelina on April 24, 2003 04:40 PM

Thank you for your courage to join a military that is second to none. I was in the Marines 95'-99 and I am very proud to have worn that uniform. I thank you for serving and helping to allow my children to live a world of freedom. OOOH! RAH!

Posted by: Marco on April 25, 2003 06:52 PM

Happy Birthday,WILL !
God Bless You !

Posted by: yukako on April 26, 2003 01:50 AM

Just wanted to say thank you for the freedom that my family and I enjoy. We support you and all the other military members of the GREATEST NATION in the WORLD!!!!!!!! ThankGod for leaders like George Bush and Tony Blair that have the balls to enforce the UN resolutions.If you happen to meet up with any Frenchmen, Russians, or Germans, oops! forgot they didn't have the nads to fight! Piss on them all!
Long live Lady Liberty!!!!!
God bless you all!!!!!!!!
and may God bless AMERICA!!!!!
T. Winkel
Wisconsin, USA

Posted by: Tim Winkel on April 27, 2003 01:40 AM

Hi Will
just a quck note from Britain to wish you a happy 30th birthday , ive been reading up on your e mail, i hope you get home soon to your family to celebrate you 30th properly, look after yourself ..


Posted by: scot girl on April 28, 2003 01:51 PM

Hay Will --

Happy birthday! Lets see, Wisconsin . . . would that be Fort McCoy by any chance? After I got back from the Rumble in the Jungle in Southeast Asia I joined an Army Reserve unit that went there in the summer. Nice place.

Posted by: PaulG on April 30, 2003 08:47 PM

Your site rocks! Although I am not an American. As a proud Canadian, me and other Canadians, we support and thank your efforts and sacrifices for the sake of peace and democracy. Unlike those hollywood-leftist anti-war millionaire whinners who are bunch of posers. I am appaled that the US Army-Government are far more demonized than any form of terrorist group (communist rebels to terrorist) While they give other terrorist group as an excuse because they claimed they fight againt the so called imperialism (sic).


Posted by: Jim on May 1, 2003 09:54 PM

You do know me-the Karen of Karen and Neal and mother of Emily. We've enjoyed your reports...there's so much to cry about that those who can make us laugh are a real blessing. Hang in there and I owe you a beer or two, some homemade sugar cookies, and even some scampi. See I do still have a few memory cells functioning. Karen H.

Posted by: Karen Hanson on May 13, 2003 11:11 AM

To a very good friend of mine. Clod beers waiting. Bring your A__ home safely

Posted by: glen on May 13, 2003 08:33 PM

I have a friend who is out there too - a Marine:) He's just waiting for "a ride home" now, but for months I'd watch and read every bit of news I could just waiting for word on when it was done and over with. I kept hoping it would end quickly and it pretty much did! Our soldiers kicked butt!:) My point is, is that after months of worry and listening to the same old news coverage over and over, it was so refreshing to read your letters and get a feel for what it was like for all you guys out there. My friend, the Marine, has the same type of sense of humor as you do so reading your stories made me imagine him and really made me chuckle. You're quite a treat - so thank you for sharing!
Hope you get to go home real soon! When our Marine comes home and we're toasting to him, I'll do a little one for you too!

Posted by: Jeanine on May 15, 2003 03:52 PM

HELLO Will...
My name´s Marina, i´m 19 years old and i live in Brazil. i fond your url in another url that spoke about war. My english is terrible but i try write this for you because i love your words i think you´re very sensible!!! Congratulations for this....... :D Don´t stop with this !!

Posted by: Marina on May 20, 2003 11:15 AM

Hello Will:

Just wanted to let you know I am one of many people who have been reading your postings to find out what it is REALLY like for you guys and gals. Your postings are informative and entertaining which I really enjoy. I will continue to read as long as you keep posting.

Thank you and God bless all of you for your committment to our country, hope you all get to come home soon!!

Posted by: Cheryl on May 23, 2003 08:11 PM

I enjoyed reading your bio and your stories very much, lots of humor. I was killing myself laughing.
My name is Judy, I'm from Toronto,Canada. We used to live in Subic Naval Base many years ago. Numerous family members are in the U.S.Military. Few of them still in Iraq hoping them to be home soon. I know how it feels to be away from home, family and friends. Please pass on my e-mail address to anyone who may need a friend. It is very little and simple thing I can do to show support for our Troops. Small thing but coming from big heart of mine. Thank you, take care and GOD BLESS to you and the troops.

Posted by: Judy on June 1, 2003 02:04 AM

Greetings from the state known for its Smiling Faces and Beautiful Places -- South Carolina; that is unless, of course, you did your basic training in Columbia (Ft. Jackson) during the summer. Which if that’s the case, you probably file your fond memories of SC right next to your thoughts on what the weather in hell might be like. Can you say hot and steamy?

After reading your bio I realized why I enjoyed reading your posts so much, you're a bull too (I turned 31 on April 21). We Taureans have little tolerance for stupidity, especially when stupidity is forced upon us. I am a BT (Bioterrorism) Training Coordinator for state government, so I understand the lunacy associated with bureaucracies too. On top of working for state government, my salary is paid through several federal grants. Can you say jump through hoops? I can write a justification like nobody’s business. lol

Although I will miss your humorous posts, I hope you will be able to return safely to your home soon. God bless you and all of the young men and women who continue to serve our country everyday around the world.


Posted by: Donna on June 1, 2003 10:34 PM

Hey Will-
My husband is over there with you and I tell you what! You guys are awesome! I really appreciate seeing all the correspondence from people all over the world- if the Dustin you went to get mail with was from the 13th PSYOP BN-- that's my hubby!
Godspeed Man- come home soon!!!

Posted by: Summer on June 2, 2003 02:08 PM

Hi Will,
My fiance' is over in Kuwait also,and let me be the first to say how brave I think you all are.I thank God everyday for the brave souls such as him and yourself.You all must stay safe and hurry home to your loved ones.Once again thank you.

Posted by: Monica on June 23, 2003 07:34 PM

Hi Will,
I stumbled across your site and it couldn't have happened at a better time. My sweetie,(that's what I call him, but not to loud in front of his buddies), Chuck is headed over. He is in the Navy Reserves and will leave the good ole U.S. Sunday morning. I have missed him, since he started all his deployment prep back on June 22.(Washington, Penn., Virginia, Georgia, and Delaware). When he left we liked one day being married 3 months. I was having some serious "blue" moments when I came across your "A Minute Longer" tale. It made me smile. Everything from you being a computer geek, Chuck and I are both programmer analyst to your remark about the Navy Reservist that were working with ya'll being able to think. I even smiled when you mentioned being caucasian, very caucasian. My sweetie (again, Chuck) is red headed, blue eyed and as white as snow. We packed lots of 45 sweat proof sunscreen. I can just imagine how he will look/feel when he slathers the sunblock on and then the wind blows the sand on top of it.... Sorry for all the rambling. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my Red - White - and - Blue heart. Stay safe and come home soon.

Posted by: Mitzi on July 10, 2003 04:05 PM

Dear Will,

Please tell Spec. J. that time heals all wounds and time wounds all heels.


Even female heels (bitches) as you say! Yea!

Posted by: angelina on July 11, 2003 04:34 PM

Hey now! I'm from Wisconsin and it's not all bad! Yes, we do have some mullets around here but we also have all the cold beer you can drink, all the brats and cheese you can eat, and you can't forget the best NFL football team around! Come visit us sometime! But if you're from Illinois don't forget to go home!

Posted by: Amy on July 16, 2003 08:50 AM

God Bless and thank you, all the ones involved and may they come home safely.
You got my reading attention, keep writing.

Posted by: Debbie on July 17, 2003 03:18 PM

Dear Will,

I am praying for little Jake. I work as a secretary at Texas's Childrens Hospital, in Houston, Texas and I know that doctors can work wonders with ill tiny ones. So prayfully little Jake will be alright, and grow to be big and strong. Love to all

Posted by: Angelina on August 1, 2003 12:47 PM

Dear Will,

I am praying for little Jake. I work as a secretary at Texas's Childrens Hospital, in Houston, Texas and I know that doctors can work wonders with ill tiny ones. So prayfully little Jake will be alright, and grow to be big and strong. Love to all

Posted by: Angelina on August 1, 2003 12:47 PM

Dear Will;
I am praying for you as well as all our troops. I'm a military wife, so I know what it's like to sacrafice.
I pray you'll return home to your family and friends safely and quickly. Thank you for your time and service.


Posted by: Debbie on August 4, 2003 01:06 PM

Will, Aug. 6, 2003

I have read your letters and think they are full of fun and humor. Keep up the great work. I hope you and all of our military forces get to come home soon.


Posted by: Pat Balmer on August 6, 2003 01:59 PM

Dear Will

It is never a bad year to quit smoking, that is always good! Yea!

and Yea for Little Jake I bet he weighs even
more than 3 pounds now!

Love to all

Posted by: angelina on September 12, 2003 01:48 PM

you're a mother fucker, will! you're what's wrong with america. i'm attacking you personally, because i disagree with your personal views.

Posted by: shareta on September 15, 2003 08:59 AM

Ummm..maybe there is something you forgot. Here is some re-training Sarge. You don't have much more to say. I promise.

I am an American Soldier. I am a member of the United States Army -- a protector of the greatest nation on earth. Because I am proud of the uniform I wear, I will always act in ways creditable to the military service and the nation it is sworn to guard.

I am proud of my own organization. I will do all I can to make it the finest unit in the Army. I will be loyal to those under whom I serve. I will do my full part to carry out orders and instructions given to me or my unit.

As a soldier, I realize that I am a member of a time-honored profession--that I am doing my share to keep alive the principles of freedom for which my country stands. No matter what the situation I am in, I will never do anything, for pleasure, profit, or personal safety, which will disgrace my uniform, my unit, or my country. I will use every means I have, even beyond the line of duty, to restrain my Army comrades from actions disgraceful to themselves and to the uniform.

I am proud of my country and its flag. I will try to make the people of this nation proud of the service I represent, for I am an American Soldier

Posted by: opsec on September 29, 2003 06:58 AM

Opsec's post is pertinent, and POWERful... just like Whittle's latest essay.

I, too, served honorably at a time when returning soldiers were being spat upon by Peace Protesters...

My time in Korea, on mountain-tops, monitoring the paranoid xenophobes in The Peoples' Grand Democratic, Fair, Prosperous Republic and Kim Il-Sung Theme Park to the north was no more or less difficult than the call to arms Will responds to...

America is unique. She is the most powerful in all the world, yet the most restrained. America walks softly, and yet wields a HUGE stick!

May God continue to bless America!

Posted by: Eye Opener on October 2, 2003 02:14 AM

Will, please be very careful in Iraq.

Sincerely and Love to all,


Posted by: angelina on October 20, 2003 04:26 PM

Will, please be very careful in Iraq.

Sincerely and Love to all,


Posted by: angelina on October 20, 2003 04:27 PM

I and some friends are grateful that our sons and daughters are grown and safe at home with their families. We would like to send packages, write lrtters, etc. to anyone.
Can someone tell how to gets names aor if you know someone you can send us the names.
Thank you and God Bless

Posted by: Joanne on November 1, 2003 01:54 PM

I have a friend shipping out soon. All his friends plan on pitching in to get him the best of the best gear. Can you give me a short list of the: "Gee I wish I had a better....pair of boots... flashlight .... knife ... whatever"

Posted by: hammer on November 6, 2003 09:36 PM

Dear Will and All Soldiers,

Happy Veterans Day and thank you all
for all you do for us and our country.

Yea Verterans!!!!

Posted by: angelina on November 11, 2003 08:48 AM

Hi Will,
Just a civillian from South Dakota here, wanting to thank you for your posts! I have so many family members and friends over there fighting, this site means a lot! Thank you SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!! Thank you for fighting for our freedoms, thank you for everything you're doing over there. Don't listen to anybody who says this war is wrong, we're just finishing up on our Desert Storm War!
God Speed, and Return home safe and sound, you ALL are in our prayers!!!

Posted by: Joanie on December 18, 2003 06:14 PM

Dear Will

Please let us know when you finally do get
home, so we won't worry that you got



Posted by: angelina on December 22, 2003 09:51 AM

Dear Will and All:

Thank you for mentioning the true reason for the season and His Name is Jesus
Christ, yea Will. I am a Christian and it made me so happy to hear you say that.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as best as you all could. And today being the last day of the year may all of you have
a safe and very Happy New Year as best you can. Love to all, Sincerely Angelina

Posted by: angelina on December 31, 2003 03:25 PM

served my time and now at this very moment I am in class getting smarter. There are a lot of my friends still in the litterbox and I am proud of everyone there. I stumbled across your site just moments ago, but will visit it again.

Sgt Whallon

Posted by: chuck on January 12, 2004 03:29 PM


I just want to tell you how proud I am and all Americans are of you and your service. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you are doing for this country. And in the words of Toby Kieth "Put a boot in their ass its the American way". Email me, I'll gladly buy you a case of beer if you are ever in Indiana!

Posted by: John from Indiana on January 15, 2004 08:29 PM

Dear Wiil:
Let me start with a big thanks for this site. I am the wife of a carrer solider (24.5 years) Like alot of wives now my guy has been in sand country since 02/03. My solider is in a chemical unit there and I have finally learned to hate the army. My husband was sent saying that they wouldn't be there long haha, Have a commander who hates his troops, he told some that if they didn't have kids, they wouldn't have problems- well I wish his mother had been fixed before she gave birth to this peice of shit. He has taken away our pride and love for the job my husband does everyday without fail. Sarge has missed birthdays, holidays and many surgeries of our childern ( 7 in all), we have some that are disabled to. I have handle all that I can, but when this commander started on my spouse, he picked the wrong one to mess with, because I don't lie down and take anyones trash and I will be waitung on him when they deploy back to us. I will have my day to tell the world about the hatred he showed the families. We never even heard from the family support group who were suppose to be here to help us. We have almost lost our home and our lives because one commander wants to stay with the rag heads and not go home to his family. I wonder does he hate them to, or does he have a girlfriend there with him?, easier to cheat when your in another country. My kids and myself will be here when our hero comes home to us, also when the asshole gets back here. He can't take away the love we have for each other or the strong sense of strength that we have gained from all the shit that has been done to us by this commander.We will overcome this and payback is going to truly be a bitch. Take care of yourself will, because no one else can be trusted to do it. I have saved this for last. My solider came home on emergency leave in December because our little boy needed surgery again and being in a remote location we have to family here to help and the doctor wanted him here, in the meantime I sent his christmas box out presents and medicines and many other things and when he got back to Iraq some sorry bastard in his unit had helped himself to the items in the box including the presents we sent, can't even trust your fellow soliders that you live with. What a shame, when you steal from your fellow soliders. Thanks for listening

Posted by: TT from Arkansas on January 19, 2004 02:42 AM

I didn't appreciate your quibs about Wisconsin. Apparently you didn't spend ENOUGH time here.

Posted by: Erin on February 7, 2004 09:20 AM

Yea Little Jake, 15 pounds that's wonderful!!! Praise the Lord, Amen!!!!

Posted by: angelina on February 17, 2004 03:15 PM

Yea Will you are safely back in the states, I hope you stay a while. Thank God!

Sincerely yours

Posted by: angelina on March 29, 2004 11:52 AM

First let me say WELCOME HOME! Second I want to say Thank You. My sister was deployed with you in the xxx chemical company. I can't tell you how much my family and I relied on your writtings. It was almost as exciting to read your posting as it was to get a letter or phone call from our soldier. You kept us sane at a time when our world was turned upside down. Thank you for all you have done for us and the Iraqi people. God bless you.

Ann in South Dakota

Posted by: ann on April 9, 2004 09:26 AM

Dear Will thanks so much for the last message, I loved it. And I will miss them, but heck you gotta get on with your life. I am glad you are home and have met Little Jake even though he did some things on you, that shows that he is alive and doing well. Thanks for recognizing our great Texas President in the White House. Yea!
And you are right in Texas we really believe in the Death Penalty especially against our enemies. Yea Will and thanks again, love to you and yours. Sincerely yours.

Posted by: angelina on April 13, 2004 10:27 AM
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~General George S. Patton
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Will is a pretty good writer and this is the collection of his writings. It'll be interesting to hear updates from a soldier's point of view, so I'll be posting them for all to read.

Take care Will

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