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March 19, 2003

Oh My God!

Hello All,

Well, you can probably tell from the subject of this message (see Rant) that I am in an exceptionally good mood right now. Let me begin from my last rant, and let you know how the week played out.

Last time I told you that we were leaving on the 20th. There was great rejoicing for we all LOVE (see Hate) Ft. McCoy, WI. We ate all our pogey bait (see snack food in Army terms), sent home our extra clothing and packed our bags, and all was right with the Army. But, Mr. Murphy (and his laws) just had to show up. You see, our "helpers" (previously mentioned as being no help whatsoever) didn't like the idea of us leaving and losing all that great pay (Captains make good money, especially compared to Sergeants). So, the head, "helper" decided to jump the chain of command (see Sin, forgivable only by Jesus) and called his Colonel, and said that we weren’t ready. Ok, his opinion counts, but dammit, why was he so underhanded and cowardly. Why not be a MAN and look me in the eye and tell me that he doesn't think that I'm ready for war (by the way, nobody is ever ready for war, period). This guy was the kid in grade school that reminded the teacher about the homework assignment 2 minutes before the bell, and looks like him too.

I know you're wondering, did our hero lose his temper and strike an officer. Nope. But almost. Here's why.... when he jumped the chain of command, that put a freeze on everything. Screeching halt. The plane has diverted to another unit, and we had to begin preparing for another mission (remember, I'm a HUMVEE, I'm a HUMVEE!). Morale sank, tempers rose and bags were unpacked. Thoughts of anvils falling from the sky and squashing a dipshit officer filled my head, and I was ever so tempted to try and find a ladder. But, soldiers are disciplined, and we simply shut up and soldiered on.

The mission went well (I have to shorten this up 'cause this computer is needed by another officer, not quite a dipshit, but definitely not squared away).

Nobody know when we're leaving now. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Friday or Saturday or Sunday. Nobody knows. We just want to get to the fight and get home.

I'll try to write again fairly quickly, because you just have to know about how these "helpers" were grading us. It's so wrong, the devil himself was giggling.



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Will , hope this gets to you .I was just taking a break and chatching up on the war and came across your "letters home" .I can relate to you and the Army as well as the Ft.McCOY issue. You see I too was in the Army as well as during my time that I had to waite to get my Honorable Discharge I did 2 yrs in the IANG. So you see been their ( lovely Wisc. NOT) . Just really wanted to let you know as XArmy I'm behind you 100% and my fondest wish for all is that everyone caught up in this mess is to come home safe .It is unfortunate that unless their is a mass surrender on the "enimies" part this will not happen .So, God Bless you all and my you all come home safe . Also, just an FYI it has been very nice this past weekend ( around 75-80 deg. ) ( NOT TRYING TO MAKE YOU HOME SICK , JUST THOUGHT YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW) in Omaha were I work every day and currently or at least for the past 48 hours it has been raining and is around 45deg.

HOORAAH !!!!!!!!!
"Follow Me"
"We all come home , no one is left behind"

I will make sure that I say a prayer for all of you tonight .We are all 100% behind you guys .Just do us a favor do it right this time that way hopefully we will never have to do this again.

Posted by: Russ on March 19, 2003 03:43 PM

*BIG HUGS WILL* Thank YOU for being a dedicated, loyal serviceman!
... from a proud American & military wife out at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC.

God Bless You whenever it is you do leave & I'll be keeping you & unit in my prayers!

Posted by: Diz on March 19, 2003 03:49 PM

Some how we tend to take things for granted and think that things should just be given to us. We live each day like the next one is going to be there for us...... of times like these we should all be thankful that we have these men and woman who will fight for our next day...and with that thank you and god bless.

Posted by: Heather on March 19, 2003 04:10 PM

However trite this may sound, I truly do enjoy your stories. I know you work hard everyday, but I love that mental picture you provide with "Woogie Woogie." It's nice to know you guys do get to enjoy some of your time. I hope that book deal goes threw...what an excellent and entertaining writer you are.

God Bless and Take care.

Posted by: Amanda on March 19, 2003 04:21 PM

Hope the package arrived ok. Can't say I'm not sorry you are in the states for a few more days but I know you are rarin' to go and that's where you need to be.
Just so you know, I'm still planning on holding that 30th birthday party come April - with or without you.
Looks like you've got some fans here. Just remember when you publish your memoirs and get rich, who bought you beer when you needed it most.
Stay safe my friend.

Posted by: Shell on March 19, 2003 09:10 PM

will, i have read all that you have wrote and hope that is all well with everyone now with what is going on over there. I have a brother who is in the Army 3rd infintry and is in kuwait. We have not heard from him and miss him so its good to know that at least you all can stay sain in all this carziness that is going on. All of us here in the US are praying for all of you to return VERY quickly and that this will end soon. My prayers are with you all. Take care and stay safe.

Posted by: connie on March 20, 2003 12:32 AM

I just stumbled accross your site. I hope that you keep your Kev down. As a xdesert storm vet, I wish we could of fixed this problem in Round 1 but hey, take care of it for all of us. Keep your head down and stay away from the sand fleas....

Put one in Saddam for me,
J Jenkins

Posted by: JEFF on March 20, 2003 07:54 AM

Oh the army they say it mighty fine ( after you WAX saddam ) when the nurses pass you up for some cheap ass whine :) well i have 5 family memebers in iraqi and kuwait also in the war so i now what it is like i would like to say i ammaking a song about a safe trip there saddams death WASTED HIS FAMILY sence they all CRAZY useing their own people for meat sheilds MAN THEY SUCK a bomb won't be meat shield nither is a bperson cause 1 shot and that person down and opens more space so PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE saty safe and come home safe to you wife god loves you and HELL so do we all make sure you tell Saddam that when you bust a cap in his ass :) bye bye * handshake* * hugs * STAY SAFE or i will come over there and wip your butt i mean it mister :) by the way FYI i am joining that marines in about 1 week so maybe i could see you soon and we can have a long chat got to go and love ya in a non sexuial case :) see yas and tell everyone that if they not safe i will kick they butts when i find them :)

Posted by: justin on March 20, 2003 07:21 PM

Thanks to you and ALL the men and women serving in the military (now and in the past) for the sacrifices you've made (and that of your families) to serve our GREAT country and provide the freedom we ALL enjoy in the US! May God keep ALL of you SAFELY in His care and guide you with His wisdom! Unfortunately the price of freedom is HIGH. KEEP SAFE and hurry home! We're praying for you and support you ALL 100%! I've enjoyed your writings and your sense of humor, and I plan to keep up with your family's story. People tend to forget the sacrifices the families make, that are left behind while their spouses serve their country. Those who serve (and their families) deserve to be HONORED and RESPECTED by all! May God richly bless you for all you've done (and continue to do)! GREAT JOB!

Posted by: Rita on March 22, 2003 10:24 PM

Hey Will!!

It is indeed refreshing to hear you speak (see rant) about the very real problems (see bitching) you guys are facing over there. Not just the logistical ones but the ones that just get under your skin and on your very last nerve. It is very REAL. This country is behind you guys over there, never mind the protesters. What we plan to do with them is ship them out and make them live as an Iraqie citizens for a while. Think that would make them change their tune? Godspeed out there and remember that you have a nation praying for you and a God that is protecting you. You are not only fighting for the freedom of Iraq but for the freedom of the United States as well. Keep your head down. WE LOVE YOU! Debra

Posted by: Debra on March 26, 2003 02:19 PM

Yanquee go homeˇˇ

Posted by: Boris on March 26, 2003 11:14 PM


Maybe oll the world don´t undertand the razon of action military but "God helps those who help the poor" Isaias 58:10, so you have careful and I praying for you and every one the force coalition, that you all come to home and yours family.
Gad bless and protected you.

Posted by: Anny on March 27, 2003 11:25 AM

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