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February 05, 2004

Stuff n stuff

Hello All,

That light just got a little bit brighter and I've checked to make sure that I'm not on an Acme Rocket Sled so I think that's good news. In other good news we got some stuff this week - Cool stuff that made me smile.

SAPI Plates. Small Arms Protective Inserts (see the extra armor that actually STOPS bullets from going thru your chest) have arrived and been issued to all the troops. I don't know how we made it these last months without them, but I am glad to have them now. Did I mention that our 365-day mark is less than 50 days away? Somehow I'm not surprised that we get them now. At least we haven't needed them.

Coins are cool. Not the nickels and quarters that you lucky civilians use, but the Army type that commanders and SMAJ's hand out to the troops. You know, I've never received one before and always kinda thought it'd be cool to have one, and now I do. Thanks to the folks at Anheuser-Busch I finally have an Army-Type Coin. Yep, the makers of the King of Beers coined me and every other troop in theater and have won (or bought) a lifetime friend. Ok, so the King and I have been friends for years but now I have proof that our friendship goes both ways (ok, I know that it's probably a marketing ploy to win over customers and I'm being used like a pawn, but it might get me a free beer now and then and nobody from Miller bothered to say thanks so I'm willing to be played). You might think it's a little sad that my only Army coin came from a brewery but I'm happy to say that I love beer and I serve the Army.

Another cool thing I got this week is 6 days without rain. I know that I'm jinxing it but I don't care (actually a little would be nice to keep the dust down).

Oh, and it's getting a little warmer here. It's not actually cold at night, just a bit chilly unlike home where Omaha had 21 inches of snow dropped on it. Glad I didn't have to shovel.

I love you all,


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It's sounds like Christmas in February. Merry February. Happy lights that keep getting brighter, coins that salute your hard work, and plates that you never need use.

Come home soon soldier. We miss you and those with you.

Send the rain here to California, I just bought a new umbrella.

Thanks again for all you do for us.

A soldier's mom...

Posted by: Katherine on February 5, 2004 01:28 AM

Use those plates Will! Then come home safe and get coined! My man is in country now and as you and your family knows, a year seems like forever when a loved one is in a dangerous place.

Speaking of weather - got stuck in an ICE storm at Bragg a couple of weeks ago - the whole base practically shut down - needless to say - I hurried back south as soon as some of the ice cleared. I don't know how people live in the north!

Take care Will - head down - plates close - gun handy.

Posted by: Ira on February 5, 2004 05:15 AM

Not sure I understand about the coin, but I think it's great that Anheuser-Busch got them to y'all. Is it something like a mission patch for NASA??

Posted by: Karen Tynes on February 5, 2004 07:06 AM

Here's an example of an army coin, along with an article about them...

Posted by: Trish Lewis on February 5, 2004 09:09 AM

Great to hear from you Will,
Sounds like you got some really cool stuff.
Hopefully you will be home soon.
Take care.
We all are so proud of you guy's and gal's.


Posted by: Jan on February 5, 2004 10:52 AM

Always great to hear you are well Will! Here's hoping that the light continues to brighten and you see home real soon! If you are ever in Iowa look me up, I will buy you a Bud! Thank-you to all you guys and gals who lay it on the line every day. We appreciate and admire you all!

Posted by: Annette on February 5, 2004 11:22 AM

I've enjoyed your postings. In general I'm not too sympathetic to our troops being in Iraq, I feel we were lied to by the commander in chief. I'd like to support our troops by getting them out of the line of fire.

It seems sad to me that after nearly a year, you're just *now* being issued proper protective gear, and are reporting pleasure in receiving some acknowledgement from a *beer* company. Is it just me or has this president got his priorities screwed up?

Posted by: Frank Patton on February 5, 2004 11:30 AM

Sounds like good news all around. Just need to keep safe still! No getting a big head and letting up. The light is not really on till you hit US soil. Just sorry to hear your just getting some good equipment. At least you can pass it down to the new troops cominging. My girlfreinds husband will be coming in June, so now I'll have another to worry about. I do worry about all the guys but when it's some one you know or known it harder.
>>Omaha had 21 inches of snow dropped on it. Glad I didn't have to shovel. I don't know about that commet thing I rather have you shoveling snow and getting a nice cup of hot coco from mom for a reward.
Take care!

Posted by: Chris on February 5, 2004 11:49 AM

Soooo, your point is that you are taking us all out for free drinks when you get home? That would be so nice of you - thank you and I will hold you to it! Let the countdown begin! Can't wait until everyone is home. Glad to hear you got your armor in a timely manner - normally don't you get that kind of thing after you get back to the states, right?!


Posted by: Evans on February 5, 2004 01:59 PM

I just learned about your site last week - once I started reading I couldn't stop. I, too, am a graduate of USD(Dec'97) and have a good idea that your appreciation for beer may have stemmed from a few visits to Carey's, Pressbox, or maybe Louie's. You must have payed attention in the classes of Sally Hansen, the Gatzkes, and other adored English professors - you have an excellent talent for writing. Your ranting completely cracks me up as I have a habit of doing the same over the smallest, yet most irritating, thing. Keep your spirits up...a good friend is in Kuwait and, hopefully, you are booked on the same train as he seems to see some light as well.
I look forward to your book! Sarah

Posted by: Sarah on February 5, 2004 02:09 PM

50 days, 50 days....I'm starting to count so don't stop me now! But really we're already at 365 since you've been gone from our lovely city. That's a lot of beers you have missed.
Just saw in the paper tonight where the NE Nat'l Guard just got their armor too. Must be a Midwest thing.
Speaking of the Midwest - got another 5-6 on top of that 21. Only a few more until we hit a record. You would be cursing with all the shoveling you would be doing and you can bet your sweet ass Sally wouldn't have any cocoa waiting for you when you were done!
Please continue to keep safe and do not feel the need to go try out your new SAPI Plates!

Posted by: Shell on February 5, 2004 08:46 PM

Hi Will. Glad to hear that your light is getting brighter. My son is headed back your way today after his 2-week R&R trip. Sad to see him go. He's got about 60 days left.

When you get back home to Omaha, I'd be more than thrilled to be able to buy you and your buddies beer. I'd actually consider it an honor.

By the way, Omaha got 6 more inches of snow last night and today (on top of the 21").

Take care. God bless our soldiers!

Posted by: SueinOmaha on February 6, 2004 12:42 PM

Hi Will,
New reader here (and new soldier). I saw a link for this site from SGT Hook's site. Glad to see it's getting better for ya'll. Stay safe. Lookin' forward to next update ;)

Posted by: Eppy on February 7, 2004 12:45 PM

glad we've got all of our gear before heading over, you're not part of the of the great switch-a-roo that's going on in the near future? I am, sigh!

Posted by: Sean on February 7, 2004 03:27 PM

Hello Will,
we are glad to know that you have got the armor more sure,so it is passed 365 days we are happy,finally it is started the countdown less 50,49,48,47,X,X,X,X,X,X,X... Courage in a little while it is all finished,return to home yuo don't forget for great party that you will do your return,you drink a beer for us also and you enjoy really this moment very wish.

We have already wrotten (read and translate):
-buon giorno simpatico Will
-come stai?
-io sto bene
-che piacere vederti
-mi chiamo.........
-sei un ragazzo carino
-vuoi uscire con noi?
-a che ora ci vediamo?
-andiamo al cinema
-cosa vuoi?
-io prendo una birra
-e tu?

.....Ops you enjoy to write the words that we don't find on the dictionary,true?
We hope that you are more capable 0f us with translation....Good amusement!!!!
If you are forgot we remember you:"do you have STOP smoke?!?!
Take always care,to nice friends to a nice friend.
Ciao Adriana and Milena

Posted by: adriana,milena on February 8, 2004 11:39 AM

Hello Will,
Ops...we have forgot this sentence (we have thought nice try of italian with the sentences)ahahahahah,it must be wrote up "we have already wrotten"....Adriana that is pernickety, she wanted write again all but Milena has thought give to you the duty to put the sentence missing.Thanks
Milena and Adriana

Posted by: Milena,Adriana on February 8, 2004 12:11 PM

Hi Will,
I'm glad to hear the light is getting a little bigger, and isn't likely a train. 50 more days! Regarding the SAPI plates - better late than never, I guess. It seems that's typical for the way things happen in the military. At least you're not getting dumped with several feet of snow. We've gotten about 2 feet in the last 2 weeks up here in the frozen tundra. When it stops snowing, temps plunge to about -10 (without the wind chill). Hopefully, the weather stays nice there for awhile. Glad to hear you got a coin. Some of those are neat. I have a command coin from my reserve center. I hope time goes fast for all of you, and you're able to give a definite date when you get to come home. Hang in there and stay safe.

Posted by: Dawn on February 9, 2004 12:05 PM

Happy Valentine's Day to you and all the other guys!! Hope the count down has begun for you!! Take Care!

Posted by: Chris on February 11, 2004 10:51 AM

If you get a bit away from the usual Army bars, I imagine you might not have to worry about paying for beer when you return for a good while...coin or no coin! :)

I know I haven't let a soldier pay for a beer while I was in the same bar.

Thanks for completing a job that we weren't allowed to finish!

Stay alert, Stay Alive!

Desert Storm Vet

Posted by: Keith on February 11, 2004 11:39 PM

Will -
Thanks for making Friday the 13th not such a bad day afterall.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day - like it wouldn't suck any worse if you were home :)


P.S. Meatballs - the hot dog scene I couldn't think of.

Posted by: Shell on February 13, 2004 10:37 AM

Just wanted to say thanks for all you're doing for all of us. My husband collects Marine Challenge coins. You can find some nice ones on E-bay if you wanted more.

Posted by: Kat on February 14, 2004 07:11 PM

Been wracking my brain for a project my son and I could do to better things for our troops and/or the children in Iraq. Anyone have any realistic ideas? Email me if so....please!

Will...what is needed by the troops and/or the children of Iraq, that hasn't already been addressed? Something an 8 yr old could organize with the help of me....maybe get schools involved, or the neighborhood? Any suggestions...anyone?

Will's YOU have any ideas?

Hugs and Godspeed, d


Posted by: Judi Eckes on February 17, 2004 06:39 PM
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